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How to Spot Fraudulent Storm Cleaning and Restoration Firms


Philadelphia, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2017 --In the aftermath of Summer storms and hurricanes, it may be easy to be fooled by less than professional restoration companies. Emotions run high after a serious storm and a property owner's emotions can get the best of them. A property owner should never hire a "storm chaser", they should always hire trust worthy IICRC certified New Jersey restoration companies to complete storm mitigation work. Storm chasers are firms that try to scam unassuming property owners by doing poor work and charging high prices. Storm chasers, are nomadic and prey on communities impacted by hurricanes and storms.

The following are common traits of shady storm chasers:

1. Requesting large, upfront cash payments: If the restoration company asks for the entire restoration bill upfront, they are probably scam artists. Restoration companies will usually work with adjusters and bill the property owner's insurance company directly (rather than ask for a large upfront payment).

2. Low, too good to be true prices: Storm chasers will sometimes offer low, unrealistic, prices. They will then charge hidden fees after the job is completed. It is best to carefully read and review the company's work authorization before giving anyone permission to work. If the company's prices don't make sense, avoid them at all costs!

3. Lack of training: Storm chasers are not usually licensed in their home state. Mitigation workers need to be trained in licensed by the IICRC to restore properties correctly. A lack of license ensures that the job will be completed poorly. It is wise to ask about a restoration company's credentials before signing any contract.

4. Lack of references: Ask the restoration company to provide a list of at least three satisfied customers. If they can't provide one, then the company is not dependable.

First Choice Restoration in Philadelphia, PA is a trusted restoration company with over forty years' experience, First Choice Restoration is the premier storm remediation company in the tristate area! They can safely restore any storm damaged property. They will first evaluate a property, patch any roof and siding, remove the affected area, and dry the property.

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First Choice Restoration is a water, mold, fire, and smoke remediation company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The company also operates additional offices throughout other areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. The company has been assisting homeowners and businesses with water, mold, fire, and smoke cleanup for over 40 years.