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How to Treat Crypto Exchanges Correctly Exchange Review 2021


Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2021 --Who is is one of the earliest crypto exchange platforms to be launched in the market back in 2013. It focuses on providing its services to the international market. It has an excellent track record of being one of the fastest-growing exchanges. Thanks to its advanced platform and financial services, has been listed amongst the Top 2 exchanges at Coingecko at may and scores a full trust score of (10). focuses more on OTC and crypto-crypto trades. According to research, it has a high transaction volume, with 24-hour spot trading volume sometimes reaching $2.9 billion. In addition, this platform has launched several high-end projects such as the IEO and the DEX platforms. DEX raised more than $64 million in early 2021. This platform continues to solve the redundancies in the crypto market, such as high gas fees and reduced slippage. Users can join this DEX today to enjoy a smoother trading curve.

Advantage of
With 8 years of operating experience, the advantages of are self-evident, including high security, high liquidity, strong stability, many currencies, etc.

Crypto enthusiasts like having many options to trade. Especially the newest coins with potential and haven't been discovered by other platforms. Luckily with, users can enjoy trading more than 700 cryptocurrencies on the platform. Gate Token holders also participate in voting for new listings. Most people love this platform because it's always among the first platforms to list new coins and tokens every week.

What do They Offer?
700+ Cryptocurrencies and 1000+ trading pairs: Many currencies that are rare in the market can be found and traded on, they have everything a crypto player can think of.

Liquidity Mining: Investors can exploit the services and products offered by to dynamically adjust their investment portfolios and solutions, thereby saving the extra time and capital costs for cross-platform transactions.

Many Financial Management Products
Apart from holding coins to sell at a higher price, offers many financial management products that profit its users. For example, it comes with many DEFI features such as HODL and Earns, lending and yield farming, dual currency products, margin borrowing, and a Periodic investment plan.

What Kinds of Financial Products
Hodl & Earn: It is a method that allows users to earn passive interest income in many ways just by holding assets. "Lock-up and earn" products will make users lock crypto for some time and it doesn't allow early withdrawals. When the term ends, principal and interest are released automatically. It brings more interest to investors.

Lend: Investors can lend digital assets for a certain period of time with a specific interest rate, and recover the principal investment and the interest after it matures. The daily interest rate range is between 0.02%-0.2%.

Dual Currency Product: Dual currency product is simply an investment product that comes with multiple income models regardless of the market situation. Its average annualized ROI is over 250%.

Periodic Investment: This auto-financial plan allows investors to invest money at regular intervals, becoming a popular financial product. Apart from helping investors achieve their targets, periodic investments help save time, effort and balance the costs, which is suitable for newbies to the cryptocurrency world.

ROI Ranked Top 2
When it comes to ROI, there is no other exchange than to surpass It offers the most competitive yields on users' stakes. Among them, "Startup'' is the most concerned. It is a new platform that both offers initial currency purchases and discounts for decentralized blockchain assets. Investors can buy multiple blockchain assets with a discount of up to 20% - 50%. When it comes to ROI, Startup ranks No.2 worldwide. Apart from the high returns, this platform is actively rewarding active traders with bonuses and gifts.

Besides, users get to enjoy numerous rewards for just using the platform. New users also get to benefit with rewards of up to $1000.

Friendly to Mobile Users supports mobile trading because it has Apps. It provides IOS & Android version APPs that support various mobile devices. Users can download by scanning the QR code on the website.

Is Safe?
Best Security System is the first exchange that provides 100% margin verification for users through blockchain signature and Merkel Tree. The exchange focuses on improving platform security, and it has the best security system worldwide. All the users benefit from the strict security layers that protect their investments. Users can set a 2FA authorization code every time they access their account. Besides, an email notification is sent to users' phones every time they log in to their account.

Are There Any Fees?
Lowest Fees offers its users one of the lowest trading fees and zero deposit fees. The trading fees are capped at only 0.2%. If users like to see their investments grow with fewer deductions on transaction fees, is the platform to use. holds giveaway activities from time to time. Prizes include points and airdrops. Investors can use points first to deduct transaction fees. On the basis of using points, the investor also can get a 10% discount on fees while it enjoys the 90% new users discount. implements the membership policy. On, VIPs of different levels enjoy different discounts on handling fees.

Conclusion is among the most loved platforms due to its user-friendly design, high ROI, and multiple trading features. New currencies are listed every week, giving the investors a wide variety of investment options(700+ coins). In addition, this platform protects all the assets of its users using a layered security protocol and 2FA.

Start trading on
Trading on is very easy following these simple steps.
1.Sign up and get a $50 new register reward.
2.Deposit USD or crypto assets
3.Choose a trading method, e.g., spot trading
4.Select a pair, e.g., BTC/ETH
5.Choose preferred trading technique, e.g., limit order, or Grid trading
6.Verify the price
7.Enter the amount want to spend
8.Click to buy. Congratulations on completing the first trade on

One of the oldest and most well-known exchanges in the world is Gate Technology Inc. Beyond Binance and Coinbase, Gate Technology Inc. is the top 10 Bitcoin exchange worldwide. It serves the crypto community with more than 300 markets, including major markets such as USDT, CNYX, BTC, ETH, Dogecoin, etc.