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How You Can Make Millions Printing and Selling Information


Tallahassee, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/18/2007 -- A new book by renowned marketing experts zoomed to the top of Amazon’s Most Popular rankings in it’s first week of release. It profiles 30 ordinary people from all over the United States who have built their own highly profitable info-marketing businesses. They simply learned the information that is valuable to others and then made millions of dollars by packaging and selling that knowledge to eager clients.

The book, the Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and Robert Skrob, features not only profiles of successful info-marketers, but also a nine-step formula anyone can follow to build a lucrative business selling newsletters, manuals, audio programs and other in-demand products and services based on the information they know.

“Info-marketing is unique because it integrates several business disciplines, such as feature speaking, seminars, coaching, consulting and newsletter and info-product self-publishing, to name just a few,” says the book’s co-author, Robert Skrob, president of the Tallahassee, Florida-based Information Marketing Association. “Info-marketers maximize sales by creating successful online and offline marketing programs. The book reveals the process for creating winning information products and shows how others have taken that knowledge and applied it within their own unique situations.”

The authors made “an exhaustive study of hundreds of people” who were financially struggling but went on to generate six-figure incomes with information marketing, Skrob says. “The 30 profiles featured in the book are illustrative examples of these ‘rags-to-riches’ stories.”

Alexandria Brown, Ed O’Keefe and Scott Tucker have one thing in common: they are self-made multimillionaires. These astute small business owners became rich by jumping on a fast-moving, on-the-right-track bandwagon—information marketing. One of the hottest business trends that is redefining the way we live, work and make money, this dynamic and booming multidisciplinary approach is turning ordinary people like Brown, O’Keefe and Tucker into top earners.

The book explains how Brown, who was once stuck in a frustrating job at an ad agency, is now successfully using her website to sell her wildly popular marketing and information products, virtual coaching programs and live online workshops. The book also recounts how O’Keefe morphed from a down-and-out motivational speaker to a money-making mogul who uses his site to help dentists recruit clients. And it also shows how Tucker,, created a $2-million business within 18 months by offering his marketing strategies and guaranteed area exclusivity to other mortgage brokers.

The new book, Official Get Rich Quick Guide to Information Marketing, published by the Entrepreneur Press zoomed to the top of Yahoo’s “Most Popular Entrepreneur Marketing” rankings in it’s first week, and provides the easy nine steps anyone can follow to build their own successful money-making information marketing business. The book is available at bookstores and For more information visit