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HOYER Guitars Est. 1874 Now Available in USA and Canada

Martin Ritter's firm Ritter Europe Ltd. purchased the Hoyer guitar brand name and trademarks in 2009.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2010 -- The Summer NAMM Show Nashville/TN did see the USA launch of the stunning, new HOYER Electric Guitar collection. The collection is comprised of the HOYER Ern, Eagle, Arrow, White and Black Lady as well as the Hoyer Eagle Bass. Instruments will be available in the fall and feature through-neck construction, top quality materials and Hoyer custom pickups.

"We have great respect for the heritage and legend of the Hoyer brand and the work Hoyer Guitars Germany has put in to revitalise the brand during the last few years. We aim to bring Hoyer Guitars to the USA Market and endeavour to preserve and build on their long heritage."

The centre piece of the collection is the HOYER Eagle. The new Hoyer Eagle is a reissue of the Hoyer Eagle HG657, originally launched at the end of the 1970's. After a long time using only model numbers, the Hoyer Eagle was the first model to have a name added to the model number. The Eagle featured a multi-ply through neck with Mahogany wings. The Hoyer Scale of 630mm is typical for this guitar. Special features include the eagle headstock inlay and the eagle shaped fingerboard inlays.

About HOYER Guitars
The history of the HOYER guitar brand began in 1874, when Franz Hoyer opened his own workshop in Schönbach/Egerland (Czech Republic). After making lutes and zithers in the beginning, HOYER changed production more and more to classic and folk guitars.

HOYER was one of first German guitar companies to print a brochure after the second world war in 1948. The arch-top models ‘Herr im Frack’ and ‘Solist’ were very popular professional instruments during that time. Both models are now collectors items with cult status.

Today, 136 years later, HOYER Guitars looks back to an eventful and inspiring history of guitar building and craftsmanship. HOYER Guitars is a one of a kind of a brand. Our team of luthiers and product specialists are passionate about their work and aim to bring HOYER to the global market and endeavour to preserve and build on it's long heritage.

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