HTML PDF to Brochure Converter by PubHTML5 Makes Strides in Digital Publishing Landscape

PubHTML5, a leading developer of digital publishing tools, has launched its flagship HTML PDF to brochure converter.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2019 --PubHTML5, a market leader in digital publishing, has publicly released its flagship HTML PDF to brochure converter. PubHTML5 enables publishers to craft stunning digital brochures that are readily distributable across social media platforms, e-commerce portals and smart phone applications hosted across both iOS and Android ecosystems.

As a top-of-the-line HTML PDF to brochure converter, PubHTML5 allows for creation of spectacular interactive elements imitating the real-world flipping of a brochure page. The outcome is a custom-built digital brochure with the look and feel of a dazzling physical imprint shareable across social media outlets, websites and mobile apps.

Jason Chen, Chief Technology Officer at PubHTML5, commented, "Product brochures are located at the core of a company's promotional strategy. With the majority of businesses moving online, creating an online brochure has traditionally been a long-standing challenge. Thankfully, we now have PubHTML5, the HTML PDF to brochure converter that breathes a new life into an otherwise static product brochure. The resulting digital brochure offers a near real-world page turning experience that is both awe-inspiring and eye-catchy – everything you need to woo your target audience is right there."

The HTML PDF to brochure converter can transform a number of different file formats into highly interactive brochures. From the well-known formats including PDF, MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint, to the less-familiar Open Document Type – all file types are supported by PubHTML5 for conversion into immersive digital brochures. The software is also equipped with an animation and page editor that provides the designer with a powerful set of controls to fine-tune the transitions and visual layout. Support is extended for most image and media formats allowing for generation of profoundly rich digital content.

Upon inquiring, the CTO responded, "PubHTML5 follows a freemium pricing model where a number of features are readily accessible without any associated price tag. With the premium version, users are granted access to exclusive additional features via a monthly subscription that does not break the bank. Our HTML PDF to brochure converter is ideal for organizations as well as design agencies operating across diverse verticals including e-commerce and digital retail."

About PubHTML5
Over the years, PubHTML5 has garnered recognition as a leader in the digital publishing industry. With its HTML PDF to brochure converter, PubHTML5 has positioned itself as the one-stop destination for digital publishing needs. The tool generates highly interactive digital brochures that mimic the flipping of a paper page. A one-click creation process does away with the intricacies involved, enabling publishers to amaze their target audience with mesmerizing visuals. Learn more about PubHTML5 and its HTML PDF to brochure converter by visiting the product page here.