HTML5 Flipbook Software Improved by FlipHTML5 with Free Cloud Service

HTMl5 flipbook software has been updated with free online could service. Users now can create unlimited PDF to flip books online for free.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/17/2014 --FlipHTML5.com currently offers online HTML5 flipbook software that aims to be more interactive to its audience. The website easily converts PDF to flipbook online and interactively. Readers will have a book-like experience as readers easily flip through the pages in their chosen browser.

The technologies used by FlipHTML5.com to create the interactive pages are already well known and adapted worldwide. The online flip pages are created through HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 – all working perfectly and smoothly in any browser. Readers can even access the flip magazine through the mobile browsers on their smart phones.

Users of FlipHTML5.com can also take full advantage of their cloud publishing service. Server problem is not even a concern for users since the online magazine will be stored in the cloud publishing service run the FlipHTML5.com. Even online magazine creators that don’t have a website can create and publish by simply uploading their PDF.

FlipHTML5.com improves web creators by converting their PDF files to interactive magazines for free. But users that take advantage of the PRO version of the website can get more enjoy seamless publishing online. Aside from the PDF, PRO users can upload text files, DOC files and even Open Office files for conversion. Editing online is also a possibility which improves the final output of the online magazine.

Privacy and control of content is very important at FlipHTML5.com as at allow users to choose their audience. The online magazine could be restricted to a number of readers or it could be published to everyone through simple integration in their chosen website. Content creators could even limit the publishing by simply sending the content through email for online viewing.

FlipHTML5.com also comes with a freeware for those who want to simply try out the website’s features. It’s also ideal for those who simply wanted to create an interactive webpage as it easily recognizes files in PDF format which allows easier editing. The published flip book online magazines can also be tracked through FlipHTML5.com or Google analytics and shared through various social media websites. It’s a website that aims to give users full advantage of the current technology for a more presentable, readable and relevant content.

For more information, go to http://fliphtml5.com/.