HTML5 Page Flip Software to Publish Newspapers Online in a Fantastic Manner

PUB HTML5 offers a free HTML5 page flip software, allowing people to publish journals and newspapers in digital and gain more access to social media.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2014 --Recently, has introduced its HTML5 page flip publishing software to publishers worldwide. Long gone are the days when printed newspapers were read in the morning or the evening, before or after work respectively. The changes in technology and innovative ideas have revolutionized media and news communication. Awareness for the preservation of the environment has called for a minimal use of paper also.

All these factors combined have led to the use of digital media as the source of information. Newspapers, journals, blogs, articles, and updates are all available online on the internet. The internet can be easily accessed while being mobile through cell phones, tablets and all other modern gadgets. The age of digital media rules over in the modern world.

PUB HTML5 is a medium which is lined with the ever changing trends and works on the digital front. PUB HTML 5 allows users to publish their digital newspapers on its platform free of cost and allows people to upload journals, articles, blogs and other information in PDF format. The information is then converted into the HTML5 or CSS3 format and the source is ready as a digital media.

With the help of the platform provided by PUB HTML 5, people can easily share their data for free on the social media, upload various journals and even publish their own magazines and newspapers. Publicizing a new venture, magazine or a paper is much more effective and simple as PUB HTML 5 as minimum investment is required, all the while getting an amazing interface to work with for free. The HTML5 page flip software for free download is now available at

PUB HTML5 changes the way digital media works and with its mind boggling interface and user experience, it brings about a completely new dimension into digital publishing. Moreover, PUB HTML5 is compatible with all leading mobile platforms and can be easily accessed via any of them.

Digital Publishing was never so enlightening and beneficial before the advent of PUB HTML5. It will soon be launched for the benefit of the masses. The launching will be grand and spectacular.

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