HTML5 PDF Flipbook Creator Introduced with a Powerful Cloud Digital Publishing Platform

PUB HTML5 introduces HTML5 PDF flipbook creator which is supported by a cloud publishing service. The cloud digital publishing platform this service provides will enable users to further promote their products.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2014 --PUB HTML5 is pleased to introduce an HTML5 PDF flipbook creator combined with the cloud publishing platform which will impress users and gain more support in the future.

One user praises PUB HTML5 saying, “I appreciate the continuous support and helpfulness PUB HTML5 has shown to me, which has persuaded us to return to them for our digital publications. I look forward to working with them in the years to come.” This shows the level of support the company receives and is encouraging for new customers who are looking for a provider who is reliable.

The PUB HTML5 digital publishing platform ensures a secure storing of user data, preventing data from logical and physical failures with Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is a well known stable and secure storage device. It prevents data loss by a variety of methods, including accidental user actions.

This cloud upload service also makes it more convenient for users to embed or share their digital flipbook publications on other websites such as Facebook and Twitter where people share ideas and link with each other. With a series of embedding codes and sharing tools this function is made possible. This service would increase the number of views of a particular book or magazine thus increasing publicity.

The PUB HTML5 PDF flipbook creator software is also affordable and thereby accessible to a majority of digital publishers. The software has great pricing and will make a positive impression on all readers. PUB HTML5 assures quality at a reasonable price.

The website offers users an opportunity to get started for free. Users need not have their own websites; they simply have to visit the PUB HTML5 website for a free trial. Clients are a few clicks away from reading publications by users of the HTML5 PDF flipbook creator.

PUB HTML5 is one of the leading technology providers in a field providing solutions to HTML5 digital publishing software. The software allows users to convert any printed material into unique digital publications.

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