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Huge Impacts Are Being Made as EPM Scientific Boosts Innovation Within Medical Communications Careers in Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2020 --Medical drugs have the power to transform lives. However, even those that have the potential to stop infection, halt disease progression, or make debilitating symptoms or side effects manageable can be useless if they are unknown. Medical communications represents an essential component of the medical and Life Sciences sectors, the key link between innovation and the impact that it can have.

There are opportunities for developing medical communications careers in many locations in Switzerland, including Geneva and Bern, as well as Chur

Zurich and Lucerne. EPM Scientific works with individuals and organisations across the country – and globally – helping to make the connections that matter. "EPM Scientific helps to solve the number one challenge – talent," commented Luis Rolim, Group Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. "We work to provide quality medical communications careers in Switzerland and have had significant success in helping companies to recruit the best talent."

As a leading light in Life Sciences recruitment, EPM Scientific has in-depth knowledge of how essential medical communications are, as well as the way that the market is evolving. These roles are key and by 2026 the market as a whole is predicted to have a value of around $3.6 billion. There are many different roles available in this fast-growing industry, from working as an associate medical director within a communications industry to managing publications for a pharmaceutical company. Organisations, from boutique firms to global names in Life Sciences understand that the key challenge today is talent and are keen to invest in people.

The market for medical communications careers in Switzerland will continue to grow as more enterprises look for opportunities to maximise communication when it comes to products and services they are developing. As a whole the global medical communications market will expand at CAGR above 9.7 % up to 2026, creating a range of different roles in organisations across the sector and in major Swiss cities, including Geneva and Chur, Zurich, Lucerne and Bern. EPM Scientific provides peace of mind to these organisations, reimagining the way that hiring happens so that it is more effective and efficient, and optimised for results. The firm also works with talented candidates, helping to define career moves and identify opportunities for future growth.

As the need for more extensive medical communications continues to grow, in Switzerland and beyond, specialist Life Sciences recruiter EPM Scientific is working to ensure that great people are placed with innovative and forward thinking businesses to the mutual benefit of both. In an industry where robustness and innovation are key, team building is an essential resource that EPM Scientific provides to candidates and companies across Switzerland.

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