Human Hair Extensions Expert Highlights the Myths Surrounding the Trade

Having sold human hair extensions in Kenya for a while now, BeautyClick – an online supplier of virgin hair - recently highlighted the common myths that keep women from buying their products.


Nairobi, Kenya -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2016 --BeautyClick company strongly affirms human hair weave lovers to ignore the misconceptions that can prevent them from looking their best by adding length and volume to their natural hair.

According to the human hair extensions expert, weaves do not have to cause any type of damage to one's natural hair. It's common to find women who have healthy natural hair reluctant to wear weaves. "Human hair weave will not damage your healthy hair if it is installed properly and kept for less than 6 weeks. Having the weave for a long period of time in your head or having it poorly installed is what causes damage", says BeautyClick's hairstylist Felix Waithaka.

Hairdressers in Kenya like Waithaka have had numerous challenges trying to convince their clients of the benefits of buying human hair extensions. Some clients even believe that it's unethical to buy human hair bundles because they have been obtained from poor women or even corpses. But BeautyClick insists that none of this information is true.

It's also common for women to assume that human hair extensions are only meant for those with short and unhealthy hair. But weaves are also ideal for anyone with healthy, long and luscious hair. You may want to protect your natural hair underneath or just give it some extra volume. Hairdressers in Kenya like Felix also install human hair bundles on clients who want to try out a different hair color. There's no limit as to what the weave can be used to achieve.

BeautyClick further debunks the common myth that virgin hair extensions are not derived from humans but are obtained from animals. Quality hair that's sold by companies like BeautyClick is only obtained from humans. You can buy human hair weave that is unprocessed which makes it even better in terms of quality. Customers are advised to ensure the weave they buy is unprocessed virgin hair if they want to be guaranteed of the best quality.

About BeautyClick Human Hair Extensions in Kenya
For almost a year now, BeautyClick has been supplying human hair weaves in the Kenyan market. The company has a team of hairdressers all over the country who sell the hair weaves to their clients and earn a commission per sale.

One can buy human hair weaves and extensions at BeautyClick's online store or call/Whatsapp them for orders at 0700552456