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Humanoid Robot Provides a Helping Hand to Forest City Community


Johor Bahru, Malaysia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2020 --Sensen, the first humanoid robot has been located in Forest City and formally provides a helping hand to the Forest City community. The artificial intelligence robot offers various range of services and elevated the business operation productivity. The robot was a roduct of collaboration between Forest City and a leading robotic company, Canbot.

With its artificial intelligent, it is able to process information and scenario within it surrounding and response in appropriate actions. The robots placed in Forest City are programmed to respond to customer services such as application process consultation, verbal communication as well as guided tour.

AI robot's ability is varying and can be extended into several other field like planning, charging devices, dancing, singing and reading. The personalized and multi model interaction qualified the humanoid robot executing various task.

Forest City is always committed in developing a smart and intelligent facilities for its clients through the R&D of intelligent technology. -

As the only participant in Malaysia who won the 5th IDC Asia-pacific Smart City Awards (SCAPA), the Forest City community achieves another important milestone in the pursuit of an intelligent community. With the outstanding performance of its innovative system B.I.A., it stands out from 57 candidates.

Forest City community is committed to creating B.I.A solution for architecture. The system comprehensively applies BIM-IOT-AI technology and integrates BIM building information model and IoT sensing platform to ensure high-quality community management. This is an example of how digital technology can provide innovative solutions to overcome existing and future challenges by Forest City.

In intelligent building management, Forest City community achieves remote digital management through IoT sensor platform, including smart meter, intelligent monitoring, green building external wall, forest urban vertical greening building exterior, automatic irrigation system. According to the automation system online monitoring, it will provide exactly the right water for irrigation, significantly improving the efficiency of the construction of both ecological and environmental ways. Also, through the application of AI city, the Forest City intelligent community achieves comprehensive control of building security and energy consumption.

In addition to the B.I.A. system and community robots, intelligent security and a community application called FOREST LIFE are also applied to ensure a high-quality community service.

As an example for the future city, the Forest City intelligent community promotes the ecological intelligent new city as the main direction for the position and presents an elegant and advanced ideal of working and living environment. Combined with the apex design philosophy of city and industry integration and the collaborative development of the environment, science, and technology, Forest City will go a long way away.

About Forest City
Forest City is a three-dimensional hierarchical modern city built with the world's advanced urban design concept in Johor, Malaysia. To improve the living conditions and quality of life for the local people, Forest City has been committed to building a green and smart community through various environmental protection means and the development of intelligent technology.

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