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Hurricane Michael, Infrastructure Rebuild, Canadian Companies Ready to Deploy off-Grid Solar Systems to Most Devastated Areas

1,000’s of Canadian Solar Power Stations Ready to be deployed in the path of devastation caused by Hurricane Michael


London, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2018 --"We can provide light, security, WiFi and TeleComm off-grid power stations in days to the most devasted of areas" Brian Webber, President, EcoPOWER Inc.

EcoPOWER Inc. has several hundred of our Off-Grid solar lighting systems ready to be deployed in Florida following the devastation of Hurricane Michael. The thousands of volunteers, contractors, FEMA workers, Florida Light and Power employees and emergency first responders will require 24/7 access to work sites and the Ecopower solar power stations will light the way. Our emergency response team, along with our logistics and supply chain specialists, and over 10 partner OEMs, are preparing to supply hundreds, if not thousands, of poles, solar panels, lights, controllers, and battery assemblies to the hardest hit areas of Florida.

Our systems are capable of providing active lighting management, occupancy and egress/regress reporting, WiFi hotspots, TeleComm power stations, and IoT sensor power - many of the services not currently available but required by rebuilding forces to return infrastructure to millions of affected Floridians. We can also add GFI 110-volt AC power receptacles to the base of every pole so first responders and ground personnel can plug in, power and recharge off grid. The Illumient cloud software can provide proactive management of solar power stations and can be built out in days, not weeks or months, to respond to global disasters. All poles are engineered to provide EPA load and ASHTO 100 with 1.3 gusts.

"We are ready to go and are contacting FEMA, the Governor's Office and FLP (Florida Light & Power) in order to assist where possible during this tragic time" states Martin Troughton, V.P. Ecopower Inc. "Our team of engineers and OEMs are ready to provide quick install direct sink poles, expert ground personnel, solar lighting and off-grid power stations to assist Floridians in rebuilding. We have the resources available, hundreds of units in reserve, and a team of experts ready for deployment."

About EcoPOWER Inc.
EcoPOWER is a global organization that believes that the future of our planet depends on the development and adoption of energy efficient and sustainable technologies. Since 1992, EcoPOWER Inc. has been primarily focused on developing, manufacturing, and distributing HID and LED lighting sources and controls. Centred around engineered green energy technology, we have now developed a diverse group of entities, all equally dedicated to this crucial commitment to the environment. The EcoLED division offers premium LED commercial lighting options with significant expansion into the new EcoGROW line of LED grow lights. Combined, the EcoSOLAR and EcoPOLE divisions offer off-grid smart pole lighting solutions.

To date, EcoPOWER's successes include installations in the US Defense Department facilities, Canadian Forces Bases, Canadian Submarine, Darlington Nuclear, Tier One automotive facilities, major industrial and commercial clients, hundreds of arenas and sports facilities, as well as commercial and retail facilities from Hawaii to Alaska, Vancouver to PEI, and beyond. EcoPOWER resources include a team of over 70 multi-disciplinary lighting professionals located in 10 offices, working with over 600 distributors globally. EcoPOWER's growth in the lighting market is only the tip of the iceberg, as a commitment to the environment and the future of humanity drive the business forward, with investments in developing green technologies.

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