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Hurricane Sandy Flood Damage - Toxic Mold Invading NYC Homes and Businesses

Increasing Health Concerns From Hurricane Sandy Flooding in NYC Amidst an Already Bad Flu Season. Mold Inspections and Mold Testing Cases On The Rise For Black Toxic Mold At Work and Homes in NYC.


New York City, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/31/2013 --As a potent flu season is upon us across the globe, thousands of homes and businesses in New York City are still feeling the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Many homes and businesses are still without power, some people are still without heat, and most properties in the New York City area have also been experiencing black toxic mold growth from the contaminated flood waters of Hurricane Sandy.

People and business owners alike have been struggling with receiving relief for the clean up efforts from FEMA, insurance companies, and many other emergency services. There are home owners, commercial property owners, apartment complex owners, condo owners, and business owners all of which are fighting tooth and nail to receive additional relief to clean up, repair, and protect their investments.

A spokesperson for NYC Mold Inspections stated,” Many people are now worried that their homes and workplace have been making them sick due to black mold infestations from Hurricane Sandy flooding, it is time for people to snap out of it. Toxic mold is a very serious issue considering the major health problems it can cause in a short matter of time. It is well within a persons rights to report such a suspicion to your landlord, property management company, and/or upper management at your work place”. The spokesperson continued, “What this means is that most people and businesses in New York City will more than likely have to hire a NYC mold inspection company that will provide a thorough analysis of your home, office, workplace and/or surroundings. Furthermore, strict OSHA laws dictate that employers must pay heed to the health and safety of their employees and must address any concerns they may have about the safety of their workplace, even if this means hiring a NYC mold testing company when they are not sure about the presence of mold”.

With all of the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, the toxic mold growth from her aftermath, on top of a vicious flu season in the midst, New Yorkers should be very aware of the risks lurking quite literally under their noses.

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