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Hurricane Season – Time to Check Batteries & Generators

Hurricane season can lead to power outages & other emergency situations. To ensure homes & businesses are capable of overcoming these dilemmas, preparing personal energy solutions is essential.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2020 --Hurricane season is here and preparations for worst-case scenarios are underway. As communities hoard imperishable commodities, blackout concerns become reality, but some feel secure knowing their property has a generator or a few stored batteries. However, many of these will be disappointed when they try to connect and realize their power source is malfunctioning – simply because it was not maintained.

"We tend to put them away until an impending storm is approaching fast," says Danielle Septembre of Battery Sales USA. "In which time we're in a mad scramble to stock up on water, canned goods, and gasoline, but not all of us has checked if the battery on our generator is ready to kick on should the moment come."

In emergency situations, electricity makes all the difference. A personal generator, batteries, solar/renewable power, etc., can help businesses stay open and households feel comfortable, but only if they work. To overcome these possible setbacks, Battery Sales USA's checklist on preparing generators and batteries for hurricane season takes the public through key essentials to ensure independent energy sources are good to go.

But do this correctly.

"If your battery failed, it's time to find a replacement," says Battery Sales USA's checklist, as they warn, "double-check the part number and dimensions of the battery you are replacing."

"Not doing so could lead to inefficiency, wasted money, possible damage to your property, and/or injury."

Making sure nothing goes wrong in case of emergency is impossible, but there are ways to prevent some disasters from happening if properly prepared.