Create My Wife a Job

Husband Invents Online Job for Complaining Wife and Offers American Businesses Expansion to Australia

Australian entrepreneur creates a job for his wife and also creates opportunities for American companies to expand their businesses to Australia.


Gold Coast, QLD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2015 --A husband from Australia has taken his wife's desire for a new job, where she can work from home to a new level. Whilst listening to his wife complaining each day, he finally had enough and created an online website trying to entice online retailers in America to expand into Australia.

"We are looking at starting a family and there are not many jobs in her industry where my wife can work from home. Why not offer her skills to an American online retailer wanting to sell products in Australia?" husband Paul Boyce said.

The plan is store, pack and ship goods direct from their home in Australia, also looking after local enquiries from customers. "This could be a great opportunity for an American company that wants to test the waters down under or wants to expand with little upfront costs." Boyce said.

Wife Angela Boyce was thrilled at the idea of working from home and promises not to ever complain about her job again. Though she had reservations after reading terms like 'My wife is cheap.' and 'How much will my wife cost?' on the website.

The husband's website can be viewed at and their search has begun for an online store wanting to expand into the Australian market.

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About Create My Wife a Job
Create My Wife a Job is the personal website a husband on the Gold Coast of Australia created to help his wife find a job working from home so they can start a family. After becoming tired of his wife complaining about her job and needing to work from home, he took matters into his own hands. He created a website offering an online American retailer the opportunity of expanding into Australia by offering a local presence and shipping services.

Paul Boyce