Husband-Wife Team Tackles U.S. 10% Illiteracy Rate with Revolutionary New Kids Book Company


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2018 --For years, the U.S. illiteracy rate has remained stubbornly fixed at around 10%—right around the world average. That means 1-in-10 American adults struggle to read their bills, to fill out their ballots, and even to read a Christmas card. Part of the problem begins in childhood, where many low-income kids have virtually no access to age-appropriate books at home. One study of low-income neighborhoods found an average of just 1 book for every 300 kids—a tragic reminder that children's books are simply too expensive for most families struggling to make ends meet. But one new company is trying to change that.

David and Stephanie Miles started Bushel & Peck Books to help all kids had access to beautiful, inspiring books—regardless of income level. Through their Book-for-Book Promise, they donate one book to kids in need for every book sold. It's a revolutionary approach in U.S. publishing, a centuries-old industry of traditional models and margins. To launch their radical new model, the couple turned to Kickstarter where funding for their project is currently underway. In just 24 hours, their project became a #1 Kickstarter New Publishing Project, a #1 Most Popular KS Publishing Project, #1 KS "Great Books for Kids" Project, and a Kickstarter "Project We Love."

But can children's books really change the course of a kid's life? David and Stephanie believe they can, and the data seems to agree. A 2010 study found that kids in homes with books had an average of 3 years more schooling than kids from bookless homes—a factor just as powerful as a parent's education and twice as powerful as a parent's occupation. Having more access to books can increase reading level, which in turns prevents school dropouts, which in turn prevents crime and poverty. That's powerful.

David and Stephanie Miles have spent years dedicated to books and education. David, the author of over 40 children's books, helped start Familius, a Publishers Weekly 2018 Fastest Growing Independent Publisher, and was named one of Publishers Weekly's 2018 Rising Star Honorees. His wife Stephanie has worked as a preschool teacher and one-on-one with kids in special education.

About Bushel & Peck Books
Bushel & Peck Books is a revolutionary kids book company with a Book-for-Book Promise: for every book they sell, they donate one to kids in need—one for one.