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Hydraulic Studio Goes Virtual with 360 Video Services

New technology offers innovative marketing possibilities for businesses


Wichita, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2016 --Hydraulic Studio has added virtual reality video to their lineup of video production services. The studio is one of the first in the region to offer this new technology for commercial applications.

Virtual reality video (or "VR video") is created using two wide-angle lenses that can film around all 360 degrees. The camera is either carried by hand, or attached to moving equipment such as a dolly, vehicle or drone. During playback, VR videos have two levels of movement: not only does the video move itself, but the viewer can move around the environment freely, swiveling the camera angle to see all around them.

"It's a truly interactive experience, especially if you have a virtual reality headset," said Peter Espinosa, Executive Producer at Hydraulic Studio. "You can also utilize VR video from a desktop computer or mobile device by clicking or dragging to move the camera. With the headset, it's fully immersive—you just move your head and see the full world around you that's been recorded."

Cool factor aside, Hydraulic has identified several marketing applications for their commercial, industrial and business client base. The studio is one of the early adopters of utilizing the technology for marketing purposes.

"VR video is on the cutting edge of marketing right now—a brand new concept that is extremely rare, especially in our market," said Espinosa. "It's a stylistic way to showcase any business that most people aren't doing yet, or don't even know they have access to."

This rarity, noted Espinosa, can help businesses gain a competitive edge. "With so much video content available online, VR video can help businesses stand out on social media or introduce a group of products in a way that gets noticed."

Thus far, Hydraulic has seen the most interest in virtual tours of offices, development sites and entertainment venues. The technology is also useful for interactive, hands-on type businesses, such as amusement parks and action-based attractions. The team is currently expanding their applications of VR video, including live broadcasts of events.

The addition of VR video is part of Hydraulic's overall goal to be on the leading edge of videography services. The studio uses a quadcopter drone to capture aerial footage. The team also utilizes specialty cameras to capture dynamic video applications, such as time-lapses of large construction projects that last many months.

"We're always looking ahead to the next big piece of technology that will be unique and in demand," said Espinosa. "We get there early, try it out, and master it before it becomes commonplace. We want to be experts at it by the time everybody is demanding it.

"It's all about being at the forefront of every possible added service offering we can provide to our clients. We want them to be able to come to us for any type of video of photo content they need."

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Hydraulic Studio is a Midwestern leader in video and photography for commercial, manufacturing and industrial companies. Based in Wichita, Kan., Hydraulic has the specialized equipment, safety training and experience required for sometimes hazardous shooting.

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