Hydro Shower Cubicles Contribute to Stress and Muscle Pain Relief, Confirms JT Spas


Larne, Northern Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2017 --The shower enclosures and cubicles available today are no longer simple and basic cubicles that offer a single showerhead and hot (or cold) water. Nowadays, shower cubicles are loaded with more features, which includes body and massage jets that soothe aches and pains away.

JT Spas has always had an extensive selection of shower cubicles, and customers can choose from a wide range of cubicles and enclosures to suit whatever budget they may have. But amongst the collection of shower cubicles at JT Spas, shower enclosures with hydro massage jets remain one of the most popular, and for good reason.

As JT Spas' experts know, shower enclosures equipped with body jets are much better when it comes to enhancing one's shower experience. The body jets play an important role in relief from bodily aches and pains, including muscle soreness and tenseness and physical pain due to stress. The jets can be aimed at specific areas of the body, and they release streams or jets of water that can instantly soothe and bring relief from muscle pain and tension. It's just like getting a massage whilst enjoying a shower at the same time, as many of JT Spas' clients agree.

One product available is the Aqualux Quadrant Hydro Shower Enclosure Cabin, and it remains a popular option for many customers due not only to its pricing (which is now only at £399, down from its regular retail price of £1419 – an astonishing £1020 discount) but also to its 4 body hydro jets. As JT Spas explains in more detail, "The Aqualux Quadrant shower cabin includes 4 body massage jets to refresh and relax you." Customers who purchase this shower cabin can expect certain special features, such as an overhead monsoon rain shower, a thermostatic shower mixer (which is built-in), a hand-held shower, and tempered glass. The tempered glass consists of 6mm-thick tempered safety clear glass sliding doors and 6mm-thick frosted glass back panels. As already mentioned, the Aqualux Shower Cabin has 4 body hydro jets which contribute to a thoroughly relaxing and rejuvenating experience in the shower.

Hydro massage and body jets can also be found in other premier products, including the Sydney White Hydro Massage Shower Cabin, which comes for only £409 (down from its regular price of £995) and which comes with adjustable body jets that can be directed to any area where pain is experienced.

To learn more about the selection of budget-friendly and affordable shower enclosures with body jets at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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