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I Dare You! By Carol-Ann Marshall Addresses an Important Societal Issue - Emotional Abuse

Women’s rights advocate Carol-Ann Marshall, launches I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2017 --I Dare You! Conquer Fear and Free Yourself from Emotional Abuse is an urgent and compassionate call to consciousness for women in toxic relationships. Carol-Ann Marshall's book focuses on emotional abuse while briefly touching on sexual, physical, psychological, and financial abuse. She encourages women to identify for themselves the true state of their unions - healthy or otherwise.

When we mention the word "abuse," we automatically think of sexual and physical abuse because that is the most obvious form. We often don't consider that emotional and verbal abuse can be just as harmful to a woman's sense of well-being.

Rudyard Kipling said,"Words are the most powerful drug known to humanity."

The author also challenges women to decide what quality of life they desire. Women who are ready for change will find the comprehensive "Safety Checklist of Pre- and Post-Planning Measures" invaluable in facilitating their choice.

I Dare You! Includes an unflinching expose? of the author's personal experiences with emotional abuse and her journey towards self-awareness. The reader will find inspirational and true stories that trace the faltering, though courageous, steps some women have taken to live and love without the relentless daily trauma of domestic violence or emotional abuse.

"I wish I had access to Carol-Ann's wisdom and generosity as a young woman. It literally could have saved me decades of pain and poor choices driven by low self-esteem." ~ Laura Gisborne Author, Limitless Women and Founder, Legacy Leaders Global

Marshall's primary goal in writing this book is to continue the conversation and raise awareness about the insidious nature of violence against women and the devastating impact it can have.

Let this book be your inspiration to dare to safely make the necessary changes in your life. What a wonderful opportunity you have to start from the beginning again!

The late English author, George Eliot (1819 – 1880) said, "It is never too late to be what you might have been" more than a century ago. They are as poignant and true for those who want to realize their potential today as they were for those who lived during her lifetime.

About Carol-Ann Marshall
Carol-Ann Marshall is originally from Barbados, but spent her adult life studying and living in Canada. She has worked in the human rights field and in large organizations that help resolve complaints concerning emotional abuse between managers, employees, and coworkers. She is using her personal experiences with an abusive partner to encourage women to examine their own relationships, talk about emotional abuse and bring it out into the open, so that they can find the support necessary to help them rebuild their lives. This book is her passionate contribution to continuing the long overdue conversation about abuse against women.