I-Need-Money-now.com Opens New Web Portal for Online Money Loans

i-need-money-now.com has recently launched a new web portal that brings together many different avenues for online money loans, especially to those who have bad credit history. The online lenders company addresses the concerns of Individuals with bad credit and debts by offering different online services.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2015 --In the United States alone, about 20% of the population are experiencing or have experienced having bad credit or poor credit, as stated by Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. These are those individuals that have debts to pay which have gone way out of hand and have trouble finding a solution of paying it off. There is no easy explanation as to why one can unexpectedly get into this kind of situation, but getting out of it may be easier that what has been received as common knowledge.These individuals have most likely considered getting a loan to pay off their debts, but resulted in even more debt when dealing with interests. The online lenders company, i-need-money-now.com, has brought together top online personal loans services that has been in the business of offering payment solutions for several years. Among these are First Choice, NoProblemCash.com, iCashLoans, and BetterLoansMutual.com. Using this web portal would quickly guide any individual to the kind of personal loans service that is fit for them. The company has also offered to educate these debtors about the uncommon solution of dealing with bad credit scores.

According to i-need-money-now.com, using a no credit check or credit-free checking payday loan is actually considered as one of the most effective solution when there are bills that require immediate payment. This is in contrast to what is popularly believed, that it isn't a good way to fix bad credit. In actuality, the lender just asks for the employment details, does a background check and offers different payment schemes that suits the borrower's payday with a time allowance of 3 months. This solution can also be processed online by any of the personal loans services highlighted in the web portal, making it more convenient as there will be no need to physically go to the lender's office.

More information can be found on the company website, http://www.i-need-money-now.com

Although the company has also warned borrowers or debtors to make sure they check the lender's credibility before making the deal. Advising individuals to ask for reference from friends or checking with the better business bureau if such lender is accredited.

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