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Ian Somerhalder Foundation Sets Date for Second Youth Inspired Environmental Cleanup in Flint


Flint, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2018 --The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) will visit Flint on May 19 to conduct a Youth Volunteer Day cleanup at Bluebell Beach. Members of the ISF Youth Team from across the nation, along with local children and their families, will participate in an environmental cleanup to help free Flint's waterways from plastic and other damaging pollutants.

Upon arrival, youth will be introduced to other eco-friendly, likeminded participants before they tackle the shoreline of Bluebell Beach, enjoy a picnic lunch together, and take a trip cleaning up along the bike path to where the Flint River becomes Mott Lake at the beautiful Stepping Stone Falls. During their visit, youth will have the opportunity to share their passions and ideas for a greener future and brainstorm with ISF Director of Youth, Jules Trace, the importance of raising environmental awareness to positively impact our planet. "A cleanup is not just a lesson on littering, recycling, or keeping our water clean, but a larger awakening to our individual consumption of plastics, one use items, or even items that could have been reused," explains Trace. "Even though our waste might not be right in front of us now, it remains somewhere. Any age can rethink plastic consumption."

Local ISF Youth Volunteer Alumni Dylan Fournier adds, "It's important for youth to come together and learn from each other ways to protect our environment and our future before we cross the point of no return. I'm happy to see ISF coming to an area I've lived my whole life to help spread this crucial message."

Those interested in joining ISF for this Youth Volunteer Day opportunity can register via email to youth@isfoundation.net. All ages are welcome but bringing a youth is encouraged. Pre-registration is appreciated but not mandatory.

All press inquiries should be sent to ISF Director of Youth Jules Trace at jules@isfoundation.net.

ISF sends a special thanks and appreciation to Kroger of Shelbyville, Nature's Path Organic, individual donors and many more for making this Youth Volunteer Day possible.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Youth Team informs and encourages the rising generations to take action, inspire hope and create change for our planet with various programs and services for kids. ISF Youth Volunteer Days are impactful and uniting one day events where kids and teens join ISF, collaborating organizations and hosting facilities in a hands-on volunteer day to help the planet. The purpose of the ISF Youth Days Program is to support like-minded initiatives while cultivating passion driven collaboration and facilitating unique personal growth experiences for youth.

To learn more about these programs visit us at http://www.isfoundation.com/youth.

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The Ian Somerhalder Foundation, founded by actor and environmental and animal advocate Ian Somerhalder, is dedicated to empowering, educating and collaborating with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. ISF focuses on raising awareness about environmental and animal protection issues, and supporting initiatives to promote green energy, global conservation and anti-animal cruelty programs, as well as empowering youth to become a united and spirited force for change.