iBrics - Experiential Learning for Children 8 and Older, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

iBrics hopes to raise $63,000 to bring The iBrics Imagination Set to market.


Lakeville, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2018 --Starting from $49 for the early bird special, The Imagination Set uses intelligent building blocks to teach needed 21st century skills through hands-on experiments. Tested and validated across multiple venues, iBrics experiments help develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through fun projects which challenge and engage.

iBrics modules are intelligent building blocks. Each iBrics module is engineered to perform one or more actions. The color-coded iBrics connect to each other, by following simple-to-understand rules, to design and create cool objects. iBrics modules are compatible with each other, including future modules. They can also be integrated with other building blocks to create uniquely imaginative objects.

iBrics experiments make use of familiar everyday experiences to teach and build understanding of underlying concepts. How does a Smart device know which side is up? The iBrics Gravity module and the accompanying experiments allow students to explore and understand. One of the experiments using the Light Sensor module explores the auto brightness functionality of smart phone displays. The iBrics conductivity module allows students to compare apples and oranges; the accompanying tutorials explain the science.

The Imagination Set is the first of many, planned iBrics Learning sets. It includes 8 iBrics modules and 10 experiments with guides. The modules can connect in thousands of working combinations, providing hours of creative fun.

Ajay Raikar, Founder at iBrics, explains: "The stimulus for iBrics was our search for fun, interactive educational toys to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills to our own children. After multiple iterations, we developed an effective solution and tested this solution across multiple schools and libraries. Feedback from over 200 middle and high school students who participated was extremely positive. iBrics is the result of our multi-year journey to develop, test, and validate a progressive learning environment which engages students through age and skill based challenges. We help children become "future-ready", and are counting on the parent community to help us bring this unique learning concept to market".

Everyone interested can back The iBrics Imagination Set on their website now; starting at $49 for the Early Bird adopters.

About iBrics
iBrics is an Education Technology startup based in Lakeville, Minnesota. Founder Ajay Raikar, MSME, MBA is the Chief Imagineer and Founder. What started out as a toy to teach problem solving to his own kids, has now evolved into a learning solution which uses hands-on experimentation to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills for students in elementary schools through high schools. The founder is passionate about K-12 education and is active in the local school system and is a frequent invited speaker at various STEM related events in the Twin Cities.