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IC-5 Review: Does the Supplement by BioTrust Really Work

Does IC-5 really work and does the supplement stand up to all of the hype around it? Read this IC-5 review for more information about BiosTrust's insulin sensitivity supplement.


Central Point, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2013 --First of all, despite all of the hype, BioTrust IC-5 actually is an effective weight loss pill. It increases the body's insulin sensitivity for better processing of carbohydrates that results in increased fat burning and reduced fat storage.

Why is It Necessary to Regulate Insulin

Insulin is a hormone that keeps the blood sugar in your body at bay. Insulin clears the sugar from your bloodstream after you consume carbohydrates and turn it into energy for the muscle tissues instead of fat. As discussed in more detail in some reviews of IC-5, people develop insulin resistance and carbohydrates intolerance due to a lifetime of processed carbohydrates-filled diet that results to the increase of blood sugar in the body. Due to this condition, the body develops insulin tolerance wherein insulin is no longer able to flush sugar from your bloodstream. In some cases, this condition also leads to Type II Diabetes and other serious health problems.

Normally, when you consume carbohydrates, your body should only release a minimum amount of insulin to clear your blood of sugar efficiently and effectively. This is true if you are highly sensitive to insulin. The fewer floating insulin in your body means that you are able to breakdown your carbohydrates better. When you have higher sensitivity to insulin, you have better Glycogen uptake. The carbohydrates stored in your muscles is called Glycogen. When you have better insulin sensitivity, more blood glucose will be stored in the muscles instead of being stored as fat.

That being said, your body prioritizes the storage of carbohydrates in the muscles as energy rather than the storage of fat. Therefore, insulin sensitivity helps your body process your carbohydrates intake efficiently and quickly so that it could be stored as energy instead of fat.

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How Do You Increase Your Insulin Sensitivity?

For one, you may go on a low-carb diet for a certain amount of time hoping that your insulin receptors will get repaired and increase your insulin sensitivity. This is not easy to do and it will also require you to gradually introduce carbohydrates back to your diet to prevent immense fat gain.

Luckily, there is an easier and proven effective way of increasing your insulin sensitivity without going on a low-carb or non-carbohydrates diet. BioTrust IC-5 is made from 5 clinically proven ingredients that increase insulin sensitivity and management of blood sugar.

Cinnamomum Burmannii – This is a potent extract that comes from the Indonesian cinnamon bark. It effectively aids in blood sugar management after consuming a carbohydrates loaded meal by increasing glucose metabolism up to 10 times. This means your body is able to get rid of the sugar in your blood stream effectively and most of your carbohydrates intake is converted to energy rather than fat.

Berberine – This is a rare plant Alkaloid. For centuries, healers in India have been using it as an Ayurvedic medicine. Berberine boosts glucose uptake by the skeletal muscle instead of fat. At the same time, it also enhances the signaling between the insulin and the insulin-associated receptors.

Pterocarpus Marsupium – In India, this is a drug used by Ayurvedic healers to treat diabetes. A recent research shows that Pterocarpus Marsupium can reduce blood sugar levels by 21 percent, 2 hours after you consume your carbohydrates-filled meal.

4-hydroxyisoleucine – This natural phytochemical is extracted from the Fenugreek herb. This herb has been scientifically proven to help improve glycogen storage while it decreases fat storage by sensitizing insulin receptors in the muscle tissue. 4-hydroxyisoleucine also helps balance blood sugar by decreasing your body’ glycemic response to your carbohydrates meal. It prevents your body from absorbing some of the sugars and starchy carbohydrates in your intestine from getting into your bloodstream.

R-Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (R-ALA) – R-ALA is one of the Isomers found in Alpha Lipoic Acid that is shown to be more bioavailable and effective compared to the other Isomer, S-ALA. In just 4 weeks, R-ALA is able to increase insulin sensitivity by 25 percent. It also helps increase the number of glucose transporters found in the cell membranes to promote quick flushing of glucose from the bloodstream. In Germany, ALA is approved as a prescription-only drug for the treatment of diabetic neuropathies.

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The combination of these 5 clinically proven ingredients is a synergy of insulin sensitivity boosters that effectively manages and balances blood sugar in the body.

Continue Eating Carbohydrates and Stay Lean

You should not deprive yourself from eating what you like. Even if you consume a carbohydrates-filled meal, you can be assured that your body can effectively and efficiently break down those carbohydrates into energy and not as fats. By taking two capsules of BioTrust IC-5 everyday, you can enjoy your meal and not worry about your diet.

To prove the potency of BioTrust IC-5, it comes with a one year, unconditional, satisfaction-guaranteed, money-back warranty. This only shows that the manufacturer of this product highly believes in its efficiency and potency. With this kind of guarantee, it would be worthwhile to give this product a try. After all, you can simply send it back for a refund if you are not satisfied with its results.

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