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Iced Lashes Shelly Walia Reported for Scam Business Practices


Mississauga, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2023 --Iced Lashes in Mississauga owned by Shelly Walia has come under intense scrutiny for engaging in a series of unethical practices that have left customers feeling scammed, ripped off, and disrespected. The dark side of the beauty industry has once again been exposed, revealing a troubling pattern of deceit, greed, and blatant disregard for customer well-being.

Scams and Rip-Offs
Reports have surfaced of customers falling victim to outright scams and rip-offs perpetrated by Iced Lashes. These customers have shared stories of being charged exorbitant fees for services that failed to meet even the most basic quality standards. The consequences of such practices have ranged from severe irritation and infections to permanent damage to natural lashes, leaving customers with emotional and financial scars. In this review you can read how a client had Shelly do her lashes and did a terrible job:

Disregard for Customer Relations
Disturbing accounts of disrespectful treatment by Shelly Walia toward its customers have also emerged. Numerous customers have shared instances of being met with dismissive attitudes, belittlement, and outright denial of their concerns. This lack of respect for customers' rights and valid complaints has compounded the distress experienced by those who had placed their trust in the business.

Money-Grab Mentality
At the core of these allegations lies a concerning money-grab mentality exhibited by Iced Lashes. The pursuit of short-term financial gains has seemingly taken precedence over ethical business practices, harming both customers and the broader reputation of the industry.

Moving Forward
The eyelash industry, like any other, is built on the trust between businesses and customers. Iced Lashes' alleged practices serve as a reminder that ethical behavior must be the foundation of any successful enterprise. As the allegations continue to unfold, it makes you question whether the "hate crime" towards her business was due to her own doing scamming people out of their money.

It is hoped that the industry as a whole will take steps to rectify its shortcomings and create an environment that truly values its patrons.