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ICL Services Maintains ASNA Terminals

ASNA, the largest federal organization with more than 10,000 drugstores, in 2017 installed 50 infomats in its drugstores. The scope of maintenance was too large for the manufacturer and it offered ICL Services to maintain the sensor kiosks


Kazan, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/21/2020 --ICL Services maintains ASNA terminals: installs, puts into operation, repairs, monitors their condition, consults the users, and solves problems remotely.

ASNA is the largest federal organization with more than 10,000 drugstores. In 2017 the association installed 50 infomats in its drugstores and launched a new pilot project for the installation of new version equipment a year later. The scope of maintenance was too large for the manufacturer and it offered ICL Services to maintain the sensor kiosks.


What are the infomats capable of?
Infomat is an interactive service terminal. The visitors of the drugstores can use it:
- to check the cost and availability of drugs;
- to get the information on the promotions and discounts;
- to read the instructions;
- to compare with the analogs and make orders.

In addition, all smart-kiosks are equipped with a wide-angle camera and facial recognition system, which count the visitors and determine their gender and age. The infomat also offers relevant content and shows targeted advertising videos.

The terminals help shorten the queues at drugstores, make the visitors acquainted with the new products, and advertise the commodities. The on-line service requires the uninterrupted equipment operation, therefore ASNA has chosen a company experienced in maintenance.

As of the beginning of 2020, ICL Services maintains about 300 information kiosks all over Russia: from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Remote and on-site maintenance

Service Desk is the first line of support. The operators monitor the functionality of the whole equipment every morning. In case of detection of any malfunctions, an expert performs the troubleshooting remotely via TeamViewer or calls the drugstore and solves the problem together with an employee.

If a problem can't be solved remotely the Service Desk operator transfers the request to the field engineers via the Snaryad system. The systems tracks the request status: the engineer registers the time of WSO acceptance, time of departure, and time of arrival to the site.

A team of field engineers are working all-over Russia and react to the incidents: they come to the drugstores and solve all problems within 27 business hours.

The replacement equipment and spare parts are stored at the warehouses of ICL Services.

In addition to the work with the incidents, the maintenance experts update the software of the kiosks. The customer requested the modernization of the old terminals in 2019. The system architects developed the new uniform software and the engineers equipped the old infomats with video cameras and additional RAM-cards.

We provide the uninterrupted operation of terminals
An expert is always present at Service Desk; he processes or transfers any request to the field engineers within 90 minutes. The requests come to a separate e-mail or by phone. The SLA level meets the criteria approved by the customer.

Service Desk experts keep a log of requests in the ITSM-system and the field engineers register the real causes of requests and the troubleshooting measures taken. The customer can always get the information on what is going on at each site. The achieved results and the plans are discussed with ASNA every week and the control reviews are carried out every month.


ICL Services provides the uninterrupted operation of information kiosks Thanks to it the infomats work without faults and show the advertisement to the drugstore visitors and the customers always get the necessary information on the drugs and can make an order.

The maintenance team maintained 80 kiosks at the start and by 2020 their number has reached 300. ASNA is developing and considering new opportunities while ICL Services is ready to help.

About ICL Services
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