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ICNCDE One-Stop Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform


Singapore City, Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2019 --Using cryptocurrency as the core asset, ICNCDE Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform provides users a full-oriented financial derivatives investment solutions by broad markets, professional financial teams and powerful technologies.

Platform Advantages
ICNCDE has provided safe and convenient investment trading services for 23 countries and regions around the world, business covering 137 countries and branches setting up in 21 countries. Through ICNCDE's CFD products, users can leverage global financial assets including digital currency, stocks, commodity, foreign exchange, sovereign bonds, index, ETF and etc. There are more than 5,000 varieties of financial investment products in the platform. ICNCDE provides 24*7 investment trading service all year to better utilize assets.

Compared with traditional currency, cryptocurrency are popular in the mainstream market because of its characteristics of anonymity, consensus, non-tampering, traceability and transparency. ICNCDE uses mainstream cryptocurrency as margin to invest global asset and obtain higher investment returns with only a small amount of margin.

ICNCDE has reached cooperation to conduct dynamic asset evaluation, potential evaluation and risk evaluation for thousands of investment products in the platform. The platform provides users with safe financial investment targets and real-time warning monitoring procedures to maximize the protection of investors' asset security.

Asset Security Advantages
ICNCDE warehouse plays an important role in custody industry which is composed of cold wallet and hot wallet. Both wallets are covered by hundred millions of dollars worth insurance policies from world insurance companies, and are stored at bank-vault level. ICNCDE uses financial and military encryption technology to provide the highest-level protection to users' digital assets.

User's Large Assets Are Stored in Cold Wallet
All cold wallet's cryptocurrencies are distributed in multiple private key storages
Each private key requires two or more multiple authorizations.
Multi-authorization of private key has foreign country back-up so that no token is lost in the event of natural disaster.

Private key has an authorization kept in a bank vault. Even if the holder is kidnapped, criminals cannot force to obtain cryptocurrency.
Each private key is invalidated after used once (from the cold wallet to online)

ICNCDE Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform seamlessly connects digital assets with traditional assets to create a world's largest full category digital asset trading platform. Establish a global digital asset investment industry ecosystem integrates digital asset trade, payment, custody, consultation and investment.