Iconion Launches the New v2.7 of Icon Maker

Iconion’s New Version 2.7 Allows Users to Create Awesome Hi-Res Icons for Websites, Mobile and Desktop Apps


Eindhoven, North Brabant -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2015 --Iconion has announced the release of the version 2.7 of the icon maker app. Iconion is a handy icon-generating tool that allows user to create high-resolution icons for mobiles and desktop applications, as well as websites icons with great easy and simplicity, in record time. The app is compatible with all Windows and Mac computers and totally free to download.

Iconion Icon Maker is a proven tool when it comes to designing high quality icons. With Iconion, users are just a few clicks away from creating an awesome high-resolution icon. Iconion comes with great features and effects such as shadows, borders, gradients and rotations, which allow users to convert any icon font into Hi-Res png icons in no time. These web icons, once created can just plop into the user's web pages without having to write any lines of program codes.

This application comes handy for web developers, mobile and desktop app designers, and programmers.

Depending on the requirements of the project at hand, users can quickly design icons of different sizes, shapes, resolutions and dimensions. The icons are vector icons and thus exhibit great flexibility and scalability. They can be scaled to fit the designer's desirable size, any window, be it the desktop or your mobile phone screens.

The application is free and suits both the Windows OS and Mac OS, thus it is available and able to run on most PCs. The free version has 10 of 36 styles to choose at the customers' disposal. However, this is perfectly fine for most users. All users have to do is to select an icon, add a style, manipulate the features and they are done. Full version is a one-time fee privilege, and there are more styles and icons to choose from.

For more on Iconion, please visit http://iconion.com/

About Iconion
Iconion (http://iconion.com/), based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, is a startup focused on developing handy tools for web, graphic, and app design.