iCurlers.Com Launches New Hair Product: Invisible Hair Curlers

Buyers can now place no-charge pre-orders of iCurlers to save $7. 25 Bloggers writing about the product will get free iCurlers set.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/09/2013 --iCurlers, the invisible hair roller-cum-curler is now available at They are now accepting no-charge pre-orders for iCurlers — 6 per set — and this offer will be valid till December 24, 2013.

The company is making various promotional approaches for their newly launched product. The company will reward 25 best bloggers who write about the product with a free set of iCurlers as soon as the product is mass produced.

Helen Netherfield, the inventor of the product says that she is happy to announce these promotional offers and getting good response. “We have developed this invisible curler that does not need heat to give you a younger looking style. This is a healthy hair rolling solution that allows easy DIY hairdos, she adds.”

According to her, it took almost two years to develop this invisible hair curling solution. iCurlers comes with a roller and a pin optimized into a design that provides enough space for hair to roll and hold the curler in place without making it visible.

Helen also says, “When you use iCurlers, you give your hair a chance to recover from irons and hairdryers, making it stronger. Look good and feel great from start to finish!”

iCurlers also saves time and money, as the users do not need to visit hairdressers frequently. With the ongoing offer, they can place pre-orders without any extra charges and save $7.

“I was annoyed using those roller sets and hot rollers before any event. The concept of iCurlers is excellent as it does not require heat application and allows styling my hair brilliantly. It certainly saves my time and makes me look young,” says Kathy Peterson, Los Angeles.

With the ongoing promotional spree, iCurlers team is taking various initiatives to reach out to a maximum of prospective customers. New offers are expected to arrive during the pre-Christmas season.

About iCurlers
iCurlers is an invisible hair roller invented by Helen Netherfield. The product remains hidden and makes rolls inside hair. It does not require heat to generate curls and makes the users look gorgeous. For more information, visit