iDryNeedle Launches Line of Technique-Specific Products for Dry Needling Clinicians

The Dry Needle line includes 4 high-quality, uniquely-designed clinician tools


Kirkland, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2019 --iDryNeedle® is thrilled to announce the launch of The Dry Needle™, a premium brand of dry needles made purposely for specialized clinicians. The company spotlighted samples of the brand at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in January, focusing on a theme of "Better Tools, Better Outcomes."

iDryNeedle products are conducive to various needling techniques and are created specifically for dry needling, versus injection needling or traditional acupuncture. They're ideal for use in assorted dry needling methodologies, procedures and approaches, designed to support the growing field of specialized clinicians (PT, DC, MD, ATC, NP).

"We've worked hard to create a line of dry needles that's wholly supportive of the dry needling clinician – by creating tools specific to how we treat and who we are treating," says Paul Killoren, PT, DPT, President of US Dry Needling & Physio Products, LLC. "The Dry Needle isn't a reinvention of needling technology – it's precise innovation, based on our deep familiarity with the practice and the needs of clinicians."

The Dry Needle line consists of 4 unique series. The line's flagship Professional Series features the most commonly-used dry needle sizes for routine dry needling treatment practices; The Elite Series provides resilience in longer sizes, suited for deeper muscular stimulation and athletic rehab; The Specialist Series offers great precision and mobility for sensitive regions; The Traction Series (soon to follow) allows tissue grasp for advanced winding and scar tissue techniques.

Each variation in The Dry Needle line is made with high-grade surgical stainless steel, coated in medical-grade lubricant on the entire needle body (from tip to handle). A conductive metal handle offers ideal handling, exceptional maneuverability and compatibility with e-stim treatments. Needle sizes range in length from 30mm to 135mm, in widths between .25mm and .45mm. Most sizes retail for $14.95.

iDryNeedle expects The Dry Needle line to begin shipping by May of 2019.

For more information about The Dry Needle line of products, iDryNeedle or the company's focus on supporting clinicians through innovative product developments, please visit the company's website at

About iDryNeedle
iDryNeedle is a clinician-run company focused on providing high-caliber dry needling products to licensed, practicing professionals. The company is known for its innovations in dry needle technology, working specifically to support the broadening interest in dry needling as a form of rehabilitation and recovery. The company's new line of needles, The Dry Needle, is designed to produce better patient outcomes by helping clinicians optimize their dry needling technique.