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If Masking Is Too Time-Consuming, Try Foreo UFO

A new beauty gadget that can fit into busy lifestyle and replace face masks.


Pudong, Shanghai -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2018 --At this year's CES, the world's leading tech manufacturers showed off their latest products, newest gadgets, and best innovations. Foreo, a high-end personal care brand from Sweden, brought its newest smart mask treatment tool, Foreo UFO. Compared with the traditional sheet mask, this facial mask is not only practically improved, but also provides an innovative masking experience that impresses many users.

After the global launch on February 6, Foreo UFO also attracted many customers to snap up. What does Foreo advocate for this new technology beauty product experience? What groundbreaking products will the brand release in the future?

To meet the needs of consumers, the products have to break the routines

Beauty technology is a niche in both technology category in the broader sense and the beauty industry. What does Foreo think of the development prospects and trends of beauty technology?

It is rare for a skincare product to turn up at CES. But according to the company, many new technologies related to the beauty industry were found in CES 2018. For example, Foreo UFO provides SPA-level facials in just 90 seconds and incorporates T-Sonic pulsation technology that can be activated by smartphones. Other beauty brands also released mini-UV sensors or mirrors with voice control.

Foreo believes that the promotion of beauty technology needs a step ahead. To meet the needs of consumers is not enough anymore, and the brands should also break the routine so that they can change consumers' habits of beauty care. Today, the future of beauty technology is a blue ocean market all over the world. Whoever can do more than meeting consumer needs, and create new experiences can become a giant in this industry.

Founder of the company, Filip Sedic thinks that breaking the routines is a great chance to set a new standard for the industry. "This is the world's first smart facial mask treatment that provides a spa-level facial care in 90 seconds. This new product combines T-Sonic pulsation technology with the smart app to make your mask experience more efficient. It set a new level in the industry and allows us to develop more sophisticated products," says Filip.

To create a new mask product with Foreo innovation

Foreo is now one of the leading brands in the beauty technology industry and has its own phenomenal product, LUNA facial cleansing brush. And at CES 2018, the company showed off its new mask technology concept. So, what is Foreo's idea about its innovation and development?

The company says that they firmly believe that self-confidence makes life full of vitality. This belief is what supports Foreo to be continuously innovative and launch cutting-edge products. For LUNA, Foreo is the first brand to use medical grade silicone and T-Sonic pulsation technology for cleansers. This groundbreaking innovation is at the heart of Foreo and is fully reflected in the new UFO mask.

Foreo spent 4 years secretly developing UFO series. Filip gathered skin experts, cell biologists, aesthetic designers, mechanical engineers. They first did researches on the habits of women using masks around the world and found that many girls are used to using masks but the experiences are not very satisfying. For many years, the changes in stunt are far more than the innovation and progress of the industry itself. What Foreo thinks is, since everyone has to spend so much time and money on the mask, why can't we change it all? As a result, women's dressing tables are getting the cutting-edge Foreo products that allow them to enjoy skin care anytime, anywhere.

To provide more efficiency and cost performance than sheet masks

Foreo UFO is not only an auxiliary tool for masks but also an innovative instrument designed to replace traditional mask care. What can be done in 90 seconds? Make a cup of coffee? Or listen to half a song? This is exactly how long UFO takes to complete a facial care: only one-tenth of the average mask time.

Other than that, its advantages include a medical grade silicone body, IP68 waterproof design, as well as USB charging. When it comes to technology, users can be able to program it with the accompanying Foreo app. This app can scan the mask to identify the latest mask care mode, adjust and synchronize to the device based on the individual skin condition and needs. Also, UFO uses LED lights to help the mask itself and offers a range of skin care treatments, including anti-aging (red LED), radiance and evenness of skin (green LED) and anti-acne (blue LED).

Each treatment combines carefully selected temperature and pulsation for better and soothing facial effects. Customers can also select the UFO-activated mask. These ultra-soft microfiber masks ensure a satisfying skin condition from morning to night, and each formula comes with a unique UFO care model, including the Call It a Night Mask and the Make My Day Masks.

According to the company, there are many innovative beauty gadgets people can expect. Filip says,"We will continue to say no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us." For more information, visit us at