Louise Lavergne

If You Want to Stop the Insanity of Endless Doing and Doing Then You Need the Do-Do Rescue!

If you want to stop the insanity of endless doing and embrace change to living your life by design, not by default - then Do-Do Rescue is the book for you.


Jacksonville, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/12/2020 --Is life like an endless marathon? Running from obligation to obligation, doing this and doing that, taking care of commitments, responsibilities and chores of an endless to-do list? Struggling to get through the day due to exhaustion from overdoing? Not enough time in the day? If so, it is time for the Do-Do Rescue.

Louise Lavergne is an author, inspirational wellness coach, and spiritual teacher who blends the healing elements of science and mysticism to address modern-day challenges of stress and overwhelm. Louise uses her intuitive gifts to help identify and heal self-limiting blocks to become a healer of life.

Louise invites readers in her newly released book, Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving to invest time in their most precious resource: THEMSELVES. The book is filled with reliable, actionable solutions to help restore well-being while keeping up with modern-day demands. No more having to choose between success and happiness. Do-Do Rescue explains viable and sustainable techniques to feel good and have it all: a busy, prosperous, healthy life that gives more joy, peace, and happiness.

"With Louise's playful humor, she shows the reader a way to stay in the driver's seat even in the midst of a busy life. Instead of losing oneself in activity, of doing and doing, Louise introduces techniques and strategies —BE Breaks—that create a balanced DO BE DO BE DO BE rhythm. They are sustainable practices that can be implemented throughout a busy day, helping to avoid the pitfalls of overwhelm and burn out. Louise draws on her many years of metaphysical study and her own Joyfull yoga teachings, as well as her own life story, to share nuggets of wisdom and practices she has distilled from managing her stress levels "within the reality and demands of any given moment." Louise is an inspiring teacher whose energy is contagious. Her book should be helpful to many." ~ Gesine Abraham, Waldorf Educator & Author of Keeping the Magic Alive: Preserving the Spiritual Potential of Early Childhood

It's time to stop the insanity of endless doing and embrace change. Get out of Do-Do and dare to Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be the way to living life by design, not by default. Do-Do Rescue is brimming with unique ideas, supportive strategies, and brilliant, easy exercises called BE Breaks that give a holistic approach to de-stress the body, restore energy, and create more balance in life.

Robin Miller, MD MHS Co-author of Healed: Health and Wellness for the 21st Century and The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife and Beyond, said, "Louise Lavergne has written a great guide for navigating and coping in a stressful world. The pages of Do-Do Rescue are brimming with unique ideas, supportive strategies, and brilliant techniques called BE Breaks that give you a holistic approach to de-stressing your body, restoring your energy, and creating more balance in your life. This book can help us all to survive and thrive!"

Things can get done, and goals can be reached without the perils of stress and overwhelm. Want to live a fulfilling, abundant, and joyful life? Then it is time for Do-Do Rescue.