iGeneration Franchise, a Florida Wireless Repair Franchise Company, Announces New Franchisee Marketing Platform

iGeneration, a Tampa FL cell phone repair franchise company, has announced the release of their newest marketing platforms for iGeneration Franchisees.


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2014 --The ever growing landscape of cell phone repair has enticed potential iGeneration Franchise candidates from around the country to take a look at the company's franchise business model. The Tampa FL company has been working towards meeting the media demands that would be required to support these candidates by developing what the company calls an "in-house marketing machine" focused on generating leads from potential franchise buyers.

iGeneration has developed proprietary strategies and methods for creating that traffic so crucial to the success of any cell phone repair retailer. Through a combination of online and offline marketing initiatives, the company creates a "traffic funnel" for which potential cell phone repair customers can easily find their local iGeneration store. Many experts agree that if retailers have a clear handle on their source of traffic then almost any retailer will make in for the long term.

David White, a Franchise Consultant for the company states, "As the economy rebounds, so does the interest in franchise ownership. As the demand for smartphone repairs continues to increase, so does the revenue possibilities for franchise owners. The pair is what makes owning an iGeneration Franchise in your local market such an attractive and lucrative proposition."

Mr. White continues, "In addition, the ability for an iGeneration Franchise owner to literally control their foot traffic is a crucial component to the success of the franchisee. Our in house marketing machine is able of generating walk in buyers for specific brands of products and services related to the store. Things like 'Oklahoma City cell phone repair store' or 'Miami iPad Mini repair' are searched for by potential customers looking for a local repair store related to their query. We position our franchisees to take full advantage of these local search queries as part of their franchise media development."

Currently the company is in negotiations with potential franchise candidates from Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and North Carolina. The company is aiming to bring in at least 1 new franchise owner per month with a first year goal of no less than 12 franchisees. They have joined forces with several franchise marketing partners to ramp up their exposure, and with the company's stellar reputation in the industry, the principals are confident going forward well into 2015 and beyond.

To learn more about the company and request more details visit iGeneration Franchise.com