iKeyp Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Introduce the World's Smartest Personal Safe

A smartphone enabled personal safe, iKeyp helps prevent the prescription medication abuse by keeping the medication private and secure. Founder Jeffrey Hermann is looking to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo for the initial production run of iKeyp.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/14/2016 --Founder Jeffrey Hermann designed iKeyp to be the world's smartest personal safe that protects the valuables of the users utilizing a tamper resistent alarm system. This smartphone enabled personal safe has the potential to restrict the diversion of Rx drugs in the home, reducing the epidemic of prescription medication abuse in America. The company has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the initial production run of iKeyp. With one month still remaining in this campaign, they are currently on the verge of achieving their Indiegogo funding goal of $50,000.

Though initially designed as a direct response to the problem of prescription medication abuse, the versatility of iKeyp makes it suitable for the safe storage of any personal item. The innovative design of the product prevents theft by offering a private and safe storage area anywhere in the home, office or on-the-go. The extraordinary capability of iKeyp can be attributed to its expandable compression wings for no-tool installation and it is also equipped with a motion sensing tamper alert system that provides real-time notification when someone attempts to access, move or tilt the iKeyp.

Some of the most important features of iKeyp are:

- Water resistant digital combination keyboard
- Onboard siren to deter theft with real-time tamper alerts sent to mobile app
- Onboard LEDs for clear status communication
- Sealed, humidity-resistant compartment for medicines and valuables
- Back-up key access or remote access via app

Highlighting the need for iKeyp, its founder and the company's CEO Jeffrey Hermann said, "Medication adherence is unfortunately very poor in the United states as nearly 50% of people taking a chronic medication stop taking it in the first year. We believe that by securely storing medication where a person is accustomed to taking it will improve adherence through convenience. That is why iKeyp was specifically designed to fit within a medicine or kitchen cabinet or bedroom drawer – the place where people most often take their medication."

Funds raised from the recently launched Indiegogo campaign will be spent by the company on the initial production run of iKeyp. With adequate funding, they will be able to place a large enough order that reduces the production costs which will be passed onto the consumer.

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About iKeyp
iKeyp is a smartphone enabled personal safe that keeps medication private and secure, helps combat the prescription medication abuse epidemic and protects children, loved ones and communities from the dangers of drug abuse.