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ILCEA Education Strengthens Its Position with Its Innovative New Website


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2013 --ILCEA Education, the world's most successful network of educational businesses and independent schools, has announced that it is in the process of completely re-designing its website in order to create something that will be better than ever before. The launch of the new website will take place on 22nd April 2013 and will provide the company with a platform to showcase its many products and services in an environment that is both innovative and user friendly. In addition, the new website will focus on showcasing services that were previously only available offline, which will now be easily accessible via the website. With the presentation of the new branding, the company is aiming to make a statement that it is now one step closer to becoming the world leader in global language education.

ILCEA aims to strengthen its market position with the launch of the new website, which will also attract the attention of students that are researching their options for continuing education by showcasing the many benefits that are available in the sector of language education. ILCEA Education is represented by 500 international partner schools globally as well as over 6000 representatives locally and the company’s savoir-faire and committed personal approach combine together in order to create a tailor-made plan that is perfect for each individual inquiry. Currently, ILCEA offers more than 20 products and services, which are available through an exclusive affiliate network spanning across more than 50 countries. In addition, the company has also announced an exclusive partnership with PANGEA (a student loan and scholarship program), which will enable them to help students from around the world to obtain funding for their language education.

One of the main drivers behind the creation of a new and improved website was the fact that many of the services provided by ILCEA were not as well known as they deserved to be due to them only being available offline. The advent of its new website will enable the company to showcase each and every service, thereby opening itself up to a much wider audience. Additionally ILCEA intends to create a forum that will allow existing students an opportunity to discuss and share their great experiences with millions of others worldwide via social networks. Incorporating this function into their new and improved website clearly shows that ILCEA is a forward thinking institution. As well as benefitting its numerous students (both current and future), these online channels will encourage, enable and support its partners so that they can easily achieve their specific goals, which is clearly shown as being the number one priority of ILCEA as its motto states: "We put results first".