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Illinois Dentist Provides Preventive, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Vernon Hills Dentist provides full-spectrum dental care for patients in need of check-ups, emergency repairs, bridges and more


Vernon Hills, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2014 --Illinois dental practice, Vernon Hills Dentist provides a full selection of services for patients in need of a wide range of procedures and treatments. Preventive care options begin with initial, periodic and emergency exams, providing a comprehensive overview of the mouth, starting on the first visit. Periodic exams are performed during routine checkups, and emergency exams focus on specific issues at the time. The staff performs full-mouth, bitewing and periapical x-rays for the proper diagnosis of oral conditions. Teeth cleanings are standard procedures that remove tartar, stains and more, to maintain proper oral hygiene. These may include fluoride rinses for children who are having cleanings and adults with sensitive teeth.

Vernon Hills Dentist offers solutions for a myriad of issues that may cause discomfort or even embarrassment for a patient, such as snoring or bad breath. A variety of TMJ appliances are available for sufferers with jaw pain, popping in the jaw joint or headaches caused by TMJ symptoms. Snore guards are available and are worn on the teeth to improve air circulation and breathing while asleep, while fresh breath care remedies mouth odor and dryness problems. Vernon Hills Dentist provides a selection of restorative treatments, including natural-looking fillings that match the tooth color, allowing repairs to be made without total filling removal.

Periodontal disease occurs in over 90% of adults, and early treatment can help alleviate the condition without surgery. If a root canal is needed, the blood vessel and nerve of the target tooth is removed, allowing the doctor to enlarge the canal and apply filling material that seals the canal and replaces diseased pulp tissue. Often root canals are accomplished in one visit. Vernon Hills Dentist also performs basic extractions for simple solutions without surgery. Crowns may be needed if the teeth have broken, suffered severe decay, require very large fillings or have had root canals already performed. Crowns on the back teeth allow normal chewing function, and modern technology provides super-durable porcelain material. Bridges are fixed replacements for missing teeth, which can be accomplished in a matter of weeks for improved appearance and function. Inlays are larger than a traditional filling, but may not require a full crown. Vernon Hills Dentist also performs modern tooth-whitening treatments and provides take-home treatments as well. Veneers are a great way to achieve straight, white teeth quickly without orthodontics, and lumineers are the result of new technology that allows veneers to be created with super-thinness. To learn more about the general, restorative and cosmetic procedures available at Vernon Hills Dentist, visit them online at