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Simpsonville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2018 --Better Box Mailboxes has built a reputation as the leading online provider of classic residential mailboxes, and they have earned the status that they hold. This company has been around for16 years at this point, and their longevity says a lot about the customer satisfaction rate they have been able to maintain.

A startup endeavor is always going to be risky, so it is gratifying for entrepreneurs to find solid footing for an extended period of time. Sadly, there are invariably going to be imitators that come along trying to piggyback on the success of others. This is something that is taking place within the residential mailbox industry, and consumers should be apprised of it.

There have been a number of different "Johnny-come-lately" opportunists that are popping up on the Internet selling rural mailboxes that resemble the classic mailboxes that have been produced by Better Box Mailboxes since 2002. Of course, looks can be deceiving, so let the buyer beware. Patronizing a seller that is copying what another company has worked hard to develop is risky business.

The original BBM rural mailboxes that have been getting extraordinary reviews for years are truly built to last. They are handcrafted from durable heavy cast aluminum, and this is a nonferrous metal. It was carefully chosen, because it will never rust, and the stainless and brass hardware is also rustproof. A protective coating is added at the end of the process to make these decorative mailboxes impervious to the elements.

They don't have any robots assembling mass produced parts at their in-house manufacturing facility. Their Victorian mailboxes are handcrafted by highly skilled professionals that take a lot of pride in their work, and the quality of these metal mailboxes is unmistakable.

In many cases, when a product is delivered, it looks a lot less attractive than the picture that the consumer saw online. The opposite is true when it comes to products that are ordered from Better Box Mailboxes; pictures really can't do them justice.

Speaking of delivery, shipping is always free, and they get orders out the door on the same day in most instances. This company has customer friendly practices, including an industry-best 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. When you combine all of the factors, it is easy to see why fledgling pretenders are trying to copy the Better Box Mailboxes concept.

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About Better Box Mailboxes
Better Box Mailboxes is the original, authentic provider of durable, rustproof Victorian mailboxes.