A Just Cause

Impeachment Sought Against Colorado Federal Judge for Intentionally Violating Federal Laws

Investigation by Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel Exposes Misconduct by Federal Judge Christine Arguello


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2018 --When Colorado federal judge Christine M. Arguello retaliated and filed a vindictive complaint against a Colorado attorney she had no idea the results of the investigation would implicate her in violating federal laws in a Colorado criminal case she presided over (Dist. Colo. case nos. 09-cr-00266-CMA and 09-cr-00266-CMA-3).

The Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel (ARC) investigated a frivolous complaint where Judge Arguello accused an attorney of intentionally seizing a court exhibit notebook and surreptitiously recording a sealed habeas proceeding. The improperly sealed proceeding is subject of a pending judicial complaint (http://bit.ly/2vmk73J) filed by advocacy organization A Just Cause. Although the ARC dismissed Judge Arguello's complaint because it had no merit and lacked evidence to support her claims, the investigation exposed clear violations of law by Judge Arguello alleged in the pending judicial complaint. "Judge Arguello sealed these proceedings to conceal misconduct by her and her clerks," says Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. "And this is just one of her many transgressions in this case," adds Banks.

In a letter to the 10th Circuit Judicial Council which copies members of Congress A Just Cause discusses Judge Arguello's recent violations of law and many other acts of gross misconduct by her that resulted in the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of five Colorado Springs technology executives. "AJC implores you to end this horrible injustice and hold Judge Arguello and the Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office accountable," the letter concluded.