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Implant Birth Control Changes the Way Women Receive Birth Control

Implant birth control is changing the way that women receive birth control. This is due to the fact that implant birth control, now provided by STD Free Los Angeles, is one of the most effective forms of birth control. Nexplanon, also known as the implant birth control, is painless upon implanting it onto the arm.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2019 --STD Free Los Angeles has been caring for their patient's health for years. They provide services such as implant birth control, STD testing, as well as family planning. The arm implant birth control releases progestin, which is a hormone which in turn prevents pregnancy. This form of birth control is 99% effective, which is why a lot of women choose it.

Implant birth control, Nexplanon, is convenient as women don't have to worry about taking it daily. There is no way for women to use it incorrectly as this implant birth control is inserted right in their arm. Women don't have to worry about their birth control for up to 5 years, once its effectiveness wears off and it's time for a new one.

Women seeking Nexplanon should seek STD Free Los Angeles as they provide various services and have a caring staff. They make sure to provide the arm implant birth control as well as regular birth control for both men and women. STD Free Los Angeles cares about their patient's reproductive health as it could potentially affect their overall health. This is one of the reasons they provide implant birth control.

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STD Free Los Angeles is an implant birth control provider. They provide exceptional and discreet service. STD Free Los Angeles has been providing their patients with various birth control options such as the implant birth control, condoms, birth control pills, and many more. STD Free Los Angeles can be found at 1435 South Vermont Avenue Ste 100A Los Angeles California 90006 and through their website (213.261.4090) Follow them on Facebook for more reproductive health tips and updates.