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Importance of Physical Therapy Featured in Cynergy's Infographic

Cynergy Physical Therapy has recently released a comprehensive Infographic about the importance of physical therapy. The infographic can be found in their website and contains information from common problems that involves physical therapy to what benefits the patient can get.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --Cynergy Physical Therapy, a company of physical therapists aiming to provide the highest quality service to their patients, has released an infographic about the importance of Physical Therapy. The infographic, a graphical representation of information, is another step that the company has taken in order to share their expertise of the subject. Being in this format, the information they have shared becomes easy to absorb even to those who are completely new to the physical therapy treatment. The data it contains is recent and updated and can be easily shared via social media.

There a lot of valuable information featured in theinfographic, aptly titled "Why Physical Therapy is Important."Information such as the common problems that a patient is experiencing that would require physical therapy for their rehabilitation. These patients may be those that have had stroke, or spinal cord injury, sports injury, arthritis, or fractures. There is also a safety reminder that only a licensed professional is allowed to practice physical therapy, who has earned a master's degree or has a clinical doctorate. A list of the benefits that a patient can get from physical therapy, which ranges from decrease in pain and stiffness, to improvement in motion, strength and mobility. There is also a graph that shows the projected growth for all physical therapists' job for upcoming years. All these and other relevant information can be found in the infographic at, Cynergy Physical Therapy's website.

The infographic is also a very practical and effective way to share this information as it can be treated as an image which can be shared via social media sites with just one click. Both patients and physical therapists can benefit from the information featured in this infographic.

Cynergy Physical Therapy's mission is to provide patients, regardless whether you are an athlete or not, with a unique patient focused service. Their therapists are continually educating themselves with the latest research, techniques and equipment to better reach their patient's highest potential.

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Cynergy Physical Therapy specializes in sports medicine, orthopedic rehabilitation, and other similar treatments. For any inquiries, Cynthia Gormezano can be reached through phone number 212-203-4724. Alternatively, she can be emailed at Their office is located at 315 Madison Ave, Suite 1201 New York, NY 10017, USA.