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Important and Useful Facts on PET/CT Scans Freely Shared by Alliance Medical on Its Own Website


Warwick, Warwickshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2018 --Imaging centers like Alliance Medical have been conducting imaging procedures for years. But one aspect which sets Alliance Medical apart is its focus on thorough and complete explanations about its procedures for the benefit of patients and non-patients alike.

Everybody has heard of PET/CT scans, but not many fully understand what they are really for and what they can do. Such procedures have been done for many years, and a lot of individuals have already benefited from them. But for someone who is set to undergo a PET/CT scan for the very first time, the thought of going through the procedure may make them anxious or concerned. Fortunately, Alliance Medical has set forth detailed explanations on how the procedure works, how someone can prepare for it, and what they can expect from it – right on its website.

Alliance Medical explains that a PET/CT scan is a combination of two techniques, which then gives clinicians more than one source of information regarding a person's body, both structural and functional. Alliance Medical further states, "The CT scanner takes a series of two-dimensional cross-section images ('slices') around an axis. Computer processing is then used to construct a three-dimensional image. PET works by detecting gamma rays given off by a radioactive tracer injected into the body."

Alliance Medical provides visitors with the crucial information they need before going through the procedure. At the Alliance Medical website, visitors can benefit from a detailed guide which includes information on what patients should tell the specialists before having the procedure, what patients should do before they arrive for the procedure, and how patients can prepare for the actual scan.

The guide available on the Alliance Medical site also includes useful information on what happens during the scan and after the scan is done as well as other important facts about PET/CT scans, how they work, and the purpose of the injection before the procedure. Alliance Medical further confirms, "The PET/CT scan requires an injection of a radioactive form of sugar. This injection is given via a small needle, typically into an arm vein. The pharmaceutical is called FDG, an abbreviation for fluorodeoxyglucose which is taken up by cells like normal glucose. More active cells, such as some inflammatory and cancer cells will take up more FDG than the surrounding tissue. These areas will produce greater numbers of photons, acting like a 'beacon' to show up abnormal sites. The injection is radioactive, but only for a short time."

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