In 2021, Filecoin's Potential Is About to Explode. Which Crypto Exchanges Are Ready


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2021 --There is no doubt that Filecoin is one of the most popular projects this year. Some people say that they have missed Bitcoin mining, and this time, you must never miss IPFS mining again. So what are the characteristics and advantages of it that are expected to be on par with Bitcoin? If you use farming as an analogy, the difference between Filecoin mining and Bitcoin mining is very obvious.

Bitcoin mining is similar to growing rice. The so-called rice planting machine can be understood as a planter. The more planters, the higher the planting efficiency, and the more rice planted, the greater the harvest. Therefore, Bitcoin mining is actually a manual labor. Filecoin mining is more similar to storing rice. We use harvesters to harvest rice, just like we build computing clusters to calculate and package data to obtain computing power, and the existence of mining machines is approximately equal to the warehouse. It is not that the more mining machines, the greater the profit, but the more rice harvested and the more rice stored in the warehouse, the more rewards you will get. Mining machines that do not store data will be unprofitable, just as there is no warehouse full of rice. Therefore, the term of Filecoin mining is: effective computing power, also called effective storage power. The more effective the data stored by miners, the more rewards they receive and the higher the trust value.

Now that the digital age is coming, the requirements for data storage will become higher and higher. The impact of this on centralized storage will become greater and greater, and in the future it will inevitably be supplemented or even replaced by a safer and more convenient distributed storage technology-IPFS. As the underlying foundation of the next-generation Internet, decentralized storage is bound to be embraced by technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and 5G. The value of Filecoin is expressed in data storage, so it is worth looking forward to the FIL coin price will exceed 10,000 US dollars in three to five years.

On the 20th, the price of Filecoin has reached $49. This news undoubtedly gave investors confidence. So what I want to ask is, when you are ready, is your chosen exchange ready?

Recently, the well-known international digital currency exchange accepted an interview with a media. The media wrote in the article that is the world's first mainstream exchange to list Filecoin, and has launched futures FIL6Z and QFIL, as well as multiple subscription activities for Filecoin cloud computing power. Currently,'s Filecoin computing power ranks among the top four in the world, and it also has a large number of Filecoin users. As the price of Filecoin rises, users who have purchased Filecoin's computing power have also gained a lot of benefits. does a lot of things on Filecoin. With Filecoin alone, launched no less than ten events, which set off a wave of Filecoin craze in the digital currency field at that time. At that time, almost all investors knew that Filecoin was a very promising project. When just launched the futures FIL6Z, the increase for several consecutive days was more than 20%. According to statistics at the time, the increase was as high as 91% on the 3rd.

What can be confirmed so far is that is indeed an international digital currency exchange with a very accurate vision. Before the arrival of the Filecoin hotspot, became the first exchange in the world to list Filecoin. A few years ago, was also the first exchange to list Ethereum tokens. It is true that can be called an exchange that is ready to meet future trends. I believe this is also very beneficial to investors.