AL Thuraya Consultancy Inc

In Case of Emergency Service Launched Its New Website ""

Al Thuraya Consultancy Inc., known as a leading global provider of integrated security and risk management services across the Middle East, Africa and the Baltic Countries has launched its new service website,


Cairo, Egypt -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/25/2013 --“This new product and website will enhance our service offering through our companies and subsidiaries to the customer base. We place great importance on investing in leading technology and identifying new areas where we can increase our customers’ safety in any environment that they work in” said Marianna Matejkova, Partner of Al Thuraya Consultancy Inc. The full range of ICESERVE24 management solutions helps defense, government, security and risk management sectors, first responders and commercial businesses with tackling some of today's most pressing challenges. ICESERVE24 gives customers the freedom to choose how to integrate, transmit, receive, distribute, analyze, manage and display data from remote assets or fixed assets.

The ICESERVE24 platform and application suite includes over 90% of the infrastructure required to allow a wide variety of sensors, communication devices, networks, and servers to collect, send, receive and distribute data from/to mobile and fixed assets all over the globe.

ICESERVE24 is extremely versatile, customizable, flexible, robust, scalable, and allows for quick product implementation and design. We are hardware- and network-independent, and even allow devices from different networks (both GSM and satellite) to function simultaneously. We have developed several standard and leading edge solutions to meet customers’ most common requirements; these can be up-and-running in a matter of weeks. These solutions are also easily customizable to cater for any unique requirements.. Please visit us at