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In SEI Club Reviews Members Provide an Inside Look at the Private Lives of the Ultra-Rich

In SEI Club reviews, members give an inside look into the private, members only dating organization.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2016 --Fewer things are more fascinating than the private lives of the ultra-affluent. We long to know what really happens behind closed doors… what are their personal experiences when the spotlight has been turned off for the day.

Now, these same exceptional gentlemen and women who date through SEI Club have begun to share their personal dating experiences in the form of SEI Club reviews. Apparently, the club's dating services are worth their weight in gold, as most members seem to be very satisfied with their matchmaking and dating experiences. Although their privacy is preserved, SEI Club reviews certainly give a valuable inside peek at the fun they have as members.

Says one SEI Club member, "Julia is perfect for me. She is beautiful (what a face), she has many interests… she is intelligent, articulate, and passionate. I have not found myself so intensely attracted to anyone is such a long time. You guys were on the money."

SEI Club women appear to be enjoying themselves as well. Says one particular review: "Thank you for introducing me to Michael. He was very polite and attractive. He made me laugh so much… we are seeing each other again on Thursday evening..."

SEI Club reviews showcase many such inside stories as shared by club members. Though, of course not every date is the start of a passionate romance... sometimes there are other surprises as well. For instance, Says one woman: "I loved meeting John. He had a great sense of humor and was sweet as can be…but we both agreed that we would be ideal as friends… we are going to the art museum on Sunday… he's like the brother I never had… I can't help but feel that my girlfriend would be the perfect girl for him. She's coming to the museum this weekend too… I will let you know what happens. I'm sure she will be very interested in him in a romantic way! He's bringing a friend too... I'm sure we will have a blast."

Says a company spokesperson: "We introduce like-minded, high quality, eligible singles to each other through our matchmaking and dating service. As long as everyone is having a great time we consider our job well-done… SEI Club is the perfect place for exceptional singles to expand their social circles with the aim of finding romance and a fulfilling relationship. Many great things have happened as a result of SEI Club introductions."

Says an SEI Club spokesperson, "Part of what attracts such exceptional people to the club is that they are referred by friends whom they can trust via word-of-mouth. But perhaps even more importantly, is the club's deeper understanding of the importance and joy of having a thriving, meaningful relationships. That is also part of what gives such a great experience to members. The Club's overall mission is to make life more beautiful, balanced, peaceful and meaningful."

About SEI Club
SEI Club specializes in bringing loving, emotionally and physically fit, mutually supportive, happy partners together. The club makes it a requirement to admit members who have a positive moral outlook, positive perspectives, and who follow the golden rule of morals which means they treat others as they would wish to be treated.

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