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Increased Demand to Create Avatars & Cartoon Using Avatar Generators


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2013 --Popular cartoon avatar maker 'Create My Avatar' has recently commented about how the increased demand to create cartoon characters which represent either yourself, friend or family.

If you surf the internet, it wont take long these days for you to discover one of these cartoon representations, more commonly known as an avatar. They are usually found on websites where people communicate with each other in a social way. Facebook and Twitter are one of the most popular examples.

Create My Avatar have steadily seen a rise in users who use their website to create an avatar for use on social networks. This has been reflected on their Facebook page where nearly 5000 users have liked it. Many of these users interact with the page by uploading their avatars to it.

Although social networks have contributed greatly to the awareness of cartoon avatars, there are many more reasons the demand to create avatars has emerged. Obviously technology advancements have brought better graphics and applications to us, not to mention new smartphone and tablet use.

However, Adam Bailey from Create My Avatar has recently suggested that the single most contributor to the 'avatar cartoon yourself trend' is the massively popular film Avatar. With the release of Avatar 2 becoming closer, its thought the popularity of avatar generators will grow even more too.

Adam Bailey from Create My Avatar explained:

"Although our avatar generator is quite different to the movie, some concept of the word are similar. The movie has made the word Avatar mainstream. 10 years ago the average person wouldn't always be too familiar with what one is. So this has made the popularity of avatar generators and virtual worlds to progress online. We saw a large boost when Avatar came out, we will probably see similar patterns when Avatar 2 is released".

About Create My Avatar
Create My Avatar is a flash application which lets users create custom avatars in a way that gives a smooth flowing look. There are thousands of combinations. The app offers many funny and eye catching features which can be saved as jpgs.