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Independent Filmmaker, Teju Prasad Takes Cue from Zach Braff with New Kickstarter Campaign

With satirical tactics, Teju Prasad launches a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his new film about Hinduism in America.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2017 --Famed thespian Zach Braff of the hit show Scrubs and film Garden State did it so, why can't he? That's what filmmaker Teju Prasad is asking in his newly launched Kickstarter campaign - A.K.A. the new way films get made. In 2014, Braff raised over $3 million on the crowdfunding platform for his film "Wish I Was Here." Now, Prasad (who incidentally shares the same high school as Braff) hopes to do something similar. With homage to a Hindu auspicious number 108, he is seeking $100,108 for his new independent film. It's about what it's like to be a white, local, born and bred American Hindu in the heartland.

"At the end of the day, this film is meant to inspire American audiences with tolerance and acceptance which is the core message of Hinduism. To do that, I'll show the life and times of an American family that has converted to the religion while living in the heart the homeland. I want audiences to see the sacrifices they've made, and the toll unchecked ambition can take. But, I need their help to see it to fruition," the filmmaker said.

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