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Indianapolis Dermatologist Educates Patients About Connection Between Moles and Skin Cancer

Dr. Campbell Johnson helps patients at Dermatology Associates in Indianapolis learn about the signs and symptoms of cancerous moles


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2016 --Dr. Sonya F. Campbell Johnson, board certified dermatologist at Dermatology Associates in Indianapolis is helping patients understand the importance of recognizing the connection between moles and skin cancer while also providing services for these patients to ensure optimal skin health. Early detection and intervention is one of the best methods to protect patients from the harmful effects of skin cancer. Dr. Campbell Johnson's efforts in educating patients about cancerous moles is helping them know the signs and symptoms to look for at home.

According to the American Melanoma Foundation, when skin cancer is detected and treated in its earliest phases before it spreads to lymph nodes, patients have a 5-year survival rate of 99 percent. Men and women who are educated about the signs and symptoms of cancerous moles have a much higher chance of receiving proper treatment and eliminating the cancer in its earliest phases.

While most adults have between 10 and 40 moles, some categories of moles present a higher-than-average chance of becoming cancerous. These categories include moles that were present at birth (particularly those larger in size), larger than average irregularly shaped moles, or the instance of 50 or more moles on the skin.

Dr. Campbell Johnson encourages patients to learn and remember the guidelines created by the Academy of Dermatology for assessing potentially cancerous moles. These guidelines are often referred to as the ABCDEs, since they address the mole's asymmetry, border, color, diameter, and elevation. If a mole is asymmetric, has edges that are irregular or blurred, is not the same color throughout, is larger than one-quarter inch in diameter, or has recently become elevated from the skin, patients should schedule an appointment to have the mole examined.

By examining the mole in person, Dr. Campbell Johnson can determine if it poses a cancerous threat to the patient. Dr. Campbell and her staff at Dermatology Associates can perform a biopsy on the mole to determine if it is cancerous and can also provide the surgical removal of the mole if it is determined to be cancerous.

About Dr. Sonya F. Campbell Johnson
Dr. Campbell Johnson is a graduate of St. Louis University Medical School. She has been practicing as a board certified dermatologist in the Indianapolis area for nearly 10 years and has advanced training in both surgical and non-surgical procedures. She is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal skin health and confidence through the services she offers.

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