India's Premier Luxury Tour Agency Turns 14

How one company is setting standards for travel to the Indian Subcontinent?


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2014 --Western tourists travelling to India are often faced with a dizzying array of choices all of which look suspiciously similar. The ubiquitous Taj Mahal tour, the Kerala package, the royal tiger safari, offered by thousands of tour operators, each promising the complete package, a totally authentic experience; each claiming to be the best tour of India. In such a competitive market, how does a relatively young tour and travel consultancy survive a decade and create a loyal clientele who return to them again and again?

We asked Durjay Sengupta, founder of Compass India Holidays

“When it comes to a huge country like India, which has so much choice ranging from wildlife, history, culture, spirituality to rocking nightlife, there is no such thing as the best India tour, or the best India package. What you are looking for is the right kind of holiday for you,” emphasises Sengupta. “Finding you your perfect holiday in India, that’s what we excel at."

About Compass India Holidays
Compass India Holidays started in 2000 with an approach to travel planning that went against the grain of the industry. “The starting point of our holidays is the traveller, our guest. We interact with them extensively,” Sengupta explains, “What is she interested in? History? Architecture? Nature? Spirituality? Or is it something more specific? Like textiles? Are there any special requirements? Does the guest have a medical condition? Is the guest a woman travelling alone? Are they a couple on their first holiday together and need quality alone time?”

Compass’s team of India specialists sit down to custom design the perfect India tour package for their guest only when they are satisfied they know the traveller well enough.

The result is there for all to see in the Compass website, with pages and pages of effusive reviews from delighted travellers. “Unforgettable,” “amazing,” “incredible” are words that come up again and again. As do “accommodating,” “informative” and “secure.” “A very large part of our business comes through guests who are returning to India for their second, third or even a fourth tour, and they only travel with us,” says a visibly proud Sengupta. “Our guests know that we are not in the business of pushing one-size-fits-all India travel packages. We offer a highly bespoke travel experience.”

“Want to visit the Rajasthan desert in summer but not boil in the heat? We offer tours where you go out to the dunes at night when the temperature has dropped. You spend the day in high ceilinged traditional Rajasthani havelis that are built over underground streams so that it’s always cool inside,” Says Sengupta, “That’s the level of homework we do.”

But planning is only half the job. Compass has a highly effective ratings system where company executives travel regularly and extensively to conduct audits of hotels and resorts. Guides and drivers are interviewed regularly to ensure they match up to the company’s exacting standards.

When a guest lands in India, Compass India Holidays’ invisible network of “ground crew” kicks into action. Guests are met at the airports, train stations and every other transit point, no matter how remote, by local executives who take care of the luggage and assist with hotel check-ins. They are also trained and equipped to provide emergency assistance, if needed.

Every guest is also provided a local mobile phone with numbers of senior executives of the company, including Sengupta’s, fed in. “We are literally on call 24x7 to take complaints, suggestions or to provide assistance, if need be,” says Sengupta. “The trick is to have all these back-up systems without crowding the guests’ space,” he adds, “Our ground teams are trained to be non-intrusive and give our guests as much space and solitude as they desire.”

So what are the agency’s plans for the next 14 years? “Constant improvement,” says Sengupta. “We hope to continue to provide our guests an unforgettable experience of India. We guarantee you the best India tour you can ever be on.”

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