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New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/03/2015 --Travel for leisure's sake is tourism. For most people, there is a deep, satisfying sense in travelling to a new place, to witness new surroundings, newer habitat and seeing things never experienced. There is a growing need in urban people to see natural habitat and their harboured wildlife before they diminish from this brutal, urbane world. Eco Tourism is travel to these exotic destinations, specifically to admire and enjoy wildlife and explore indigenous cultures.

Compass India Pvt. Ltd has pledged to promote Eco Tourism as it fears India's glorious wildlife is in the meanwhile losing its sheen. There are approximately 1400 Royal Bengal Tigers left in the wild. Compass India, through its specially designed luxury tour packages, has several itineraries to choose from. Ranthambhore, Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench are just a few of the National parks where The Royal Bengal Tiger and other predator and prey species like leopards, Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Jackals, and Spotted Deer are visible. "We have designed our tours and vacation packages to suit the client's demand keeping their comfort and enthusiasm is mind", said a Compass spokesperson. "Since we are committed to the environment, we choose our resorts with great care. Using Solar Panels, methodical disposal of waste and use of organic food are our main concerns while we decide on the resorts'. She added.

The best time for viewing wildlife in India is, the summer. The dry scorching heat of the enraged sun forces animals to come out of their comfort zones and tread towards the various waterholes. These are perhaps the best times to spot the animals.

The Compass team mentioned that along with designing the various wildlife tour packages to India, they try to include a glimpse into the cultural life as well. 'With the help of the local villagers and the resort owners, we create special evenings for our clients. These often include folk dances, visiting the village homes and volunteering to teach in the village schools'.

Various kinds of accommodation are available in Ranthambhore, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench. A former hunting joint of an ex Royal to a more basic thatched roof and mud-walled houses, to open air machans to luxurious tents, the options are plenty. "We ask our clients if they have any specific needs and keeping their comfort level we often suggest what we think will suit our guests the most" said Anupama, Senior marketing consultant" We can guarantee the best Indian wildlife tour along with a soul enriching experience. She added.

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