Indie Producer Paul Collett Launches Kickstarter for the Supernatural-Thriller "Hell Hole"

Mixing the best elements of horror, westerns, mystery and suspense, backers are in for a unique experience.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2020 --With movie theaters closing or already closed and a sudden drought in new movies and TV shows available for streaming due to Covid-19, the pending release of Hell Hole is a welcomed addition to America's entertainment choices.

The film's synopsis promises a riveting roller-coaster rideā€¦

"Deep in the bowels of the hell hole mine lies an evil so heinous, it haunts your soul.

Just outside a desolate ghost town, inside a long-abandoned gold mine, lurks a dark being, conjured by the Shanowah tribe ages ago to destroy those that threatened to wipe out their people. A group of miners trapped it inside the Hell Hole Mine more than a century ago. And every one of their decendants have suffered from schizophrenia. Some say it's a family curse.

Now Poni has come down with "the curse." Her uncle and guardian Luke, believes that if he can get her into a private hospital, she might recover. But money is scarce for Luke and he needs to hurry.

A friend suggests Luke try his luck at the Hell Hole gold mine he recently inherited. Luke puts little faith in ghost stories, so he ventures to the mine in hopes of making enough money to save Poni's mind."

Well-known members of the cast include Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Hawaii Five-O, Law & Order: SVU), Tiny Lister (Friday, The Fifth Element, Zootopia) and Oscar Nominee Sally Kirkland (Anna, JFK); contributing their acting experience to an overall mix of veterans and rookies to create a sensational film.

The Hell Hole Kickstarter offers unbeatable entertainment value in giving backers full downloadable (AND streaming) access to three full-length films including Hell Hole. Other perks include actual film props accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, 1-on-1 acting or writing lessons delivered via remote learning as well as an actual credit in the film.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on November 16, 2020 so there is no time to lose.

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