Indiegogo Campaign for a Revolutionary Start-Up App to Boost Garment Workers' Wages


Managua, Nicaragua -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2018 --tip4good, an innovative social impact start-up in the field of sustainable fashion, launched an Indiegogo campaign on Tuesday, October, 16th in the Community – Human Rights section. According to CEO Roger Lacayo Gurdian, the start-up is "a mobile digital payments platform that lets every consumer thank the factory workers who made the garment they purchased by paying them a gratuity with guaranteed transparency and traceability."

As revealed through validation studies undertaken at the Singularity University Spring 2018 Incubator in Silicon Valley, tip4good has proven merits:

It works.
It is scalable.
It is transparent.
Consumers are willing to do it.
Participating brands make their customers happy.

This new app is an opportunity for millions of consumers to give additional income directly to the honest, hardworking people who make their clothing.

Garment workers in the developing world are not paid living wages despite the often steep profits of many major clothing companies. It is well known that clothing labels and retailers inflate garment costs to increase their profits, yet garment workers are only paid a small fraction of the purchase price. tip4good offers a simple yet far-reaching solution to this problem.

When consumers can tip workers directly, they are finally empowered to do something about unfair wages. This also empowers garment workers by helping them to support their own families and communities with well-deserved income. That's the idea behind tip4good – a fortuitous intersection of philanthropy and mobile payments technology harnessed to enhance the livelihoods of garment workers. It's based on individual generosity and will not inflate garment costs.

tip4good is excited to gauge the support out there for this idea. They encourage people to visit the campaign page, contribute if they are inspired by this project, and spread the word on their networks and share the link on social media.

tip4good –Thank The Maker

tip4good is a start-up app dedicated to the 60 million garment workers in the developing world who assemble our clothes, yet who don't earn living wages. For the first time ever, consumers will be able to thank these workers by directly giving them a gratuity, guaranteed to reach them on a 100% transparent and traceable mobile digital payment platform. It is their goal to provide every person with the opportunity to help directly. These workers deserve it!